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In the last book the pedophile Broadcheck decapitated the wife of MP Timothy Bryant. He decided to take justice into his own hands and shoot Broadcheck while he was in custody. Later he escaped custody and became one of the deserters that live in the shadows of Saigon. Only Bryant has decided not the just sit on his hands. He starts a one man war against those he feels are Communist sympathizers. A pro-Hanoi politician, radio personalities, activists against the current regime and journalists are all his targets. Meanwhile Sgt. Stryker is framed for the murder of a former girlfriend. Now his buddies must prove his innocence and stop the campaign of the rogue MP before their former friend and colleague is himself taken out.

Back in 1988 Roger Corman’s Concorde pictures gained the film rights to the series. This is the book that they chose to adopt to a movie. I can see why since it has a lot of elements for an action film. Car chases, fire fights and a murder mystery. I vaguely remember renting it twenty years back and believe I enjoyed it but I am fuzzy on the details. I hope they someday release it on DVD. It does sound like an interesting film.

So here is the trailer.




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Warrant Officer Robert Quinn is a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division(CID)branch of the 716th MP battalion stationed in Saigon. He has made a home in Saigon and married one of the local women. Together they have a son and daughter. Then one day his world is turned upside down. Boardcheck a child molester that Quinn put away escapes from Leavenworth. Boardcheck wants revenge and kidnaps his wife and children. Soon body parts of the children are left around the city wrapped up as a present. Can the MPs of the 716th find and stop Boardcheck?

The eighth book in the series is the first that actually has a central character in Robert Quinn. In fact the whole story focuses almost exclusively on the character which is its weakness. It sort of drags on with his depression over the kidnapping and him contemplating suicide. The criminal escapes from Leavenworth(didn’t know Leavenworth was so easy to escape from) was used in the last book. It felt like an overused and unoriginal idea. I guess Cain was trying something new but I think it failed. This was my least favorite in the series and just dragged on with a lot of grim and depressing writing.

Thankfully the next books were some of the best in the series.




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Five year ago Sgt. Mark Stryker was responsible for putting an Army intelligence agent in Leavenworth for the rape and murder of innocent Vietnamese peasants. Now he has escaped and found his way to Saigon to get revenge on Stryker. There is also a lot of other threats for Stryker and the MP’s of the 716th have to deal with. Someone is murdering prostitutes by tying them up and driving a buzz saw through their heads. A crazy female Vietnamese cab driver is killing MP’s that get in her cab if accompanied by a Vietnamese prostitute. A MP is conspiring with the Vietnamese wife of his partner to have her husband killed for the insurance money. And a white man is roaming the city playing superhero. Dressed in a red cape, combat boots, a gas mask and nothing else he takes out criminals. Nicknamed Captain Condom because he ties a condom on the men that he subdues.

Into this a movie company comes to Saigon. Starring a blonde bimbo named Kiwi Kolana it is an action flick and Stryker’s MPs are assigned security duty. Things aren’t all that legit with this production. A staged bank robbery turns into the real thing and the producer is filming a snuff film on the side.

The seventh is another enjoyable book in the series. It combines gritty police procedures, comic relief with Captain Condom and plenty of good old shoot’em up action. Once again all the subplots are somehow related and come together at the end.




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A payroll convoy on its way to Bien Hoa is ambushed by heavily armed mercenaries killing 35 MPs. The mercenaries are lead by a corrupt Vietnamese police captain named Trinh Tri. Tri is using a corrupt American major in finance to obtain convoy information and plans to hit the next one. Stryker meanwhile breaks up with his jealous Vietnamese girlfriend and she puts a temple curse on him. Being in Vietnam Stryker has developed a respect for the superstitious beliefs of the locals and wonders if the convoy ambush is because of the curse. It doesn’t help that at the funeral for the slain MPs a VC attack shoots off the face of the army chaplain and a mortar attack kills several more of his men. A chase that leads into the jungle on the outskirts of Saigon almost results in him getting mauled by a Bengal tiger.

Stryker does have a job to do and leads the next convoy on a final confrontation with Tri’s mercenaries and a corrupt ARVN colonel.

The sixth book is a real action packed story. A lot of firefights. Several life and death situations for Stryker to escape. The book shows the rampant corruption that existed in the South Vietnamese government and is the main opponent for the men of the 716th MP Battalion. A real fast paced and enjoyable story.




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A mysterious figure in a black rain poncho known as The Torch is dousing drunk GI’s with gasoline and setting them on fire. This person has been successfully eluding the MP’s and is a top priority for the men of the 716th. Also the Honda Honeys two beautiful women on a stolen motor scooter brazenly ride up alongside Stryker’s jeep and stabs his partner in the leg and steals his watch. Into this mix a young new rookie comes to Saigon searching for his twin brother who is accused of desertion. Instead he is arrested for the brother’s crimes and sentenced to a firing squad. Can Stryker save his man from the firing squad, take down the Honda Honeys and stop the Torch while keeping a lid on the various criminals and Cong snipers that threaten the city.

The fifth book in the series the author is definitely hitting his stride. The book has some very interesting and diverse threats. Yet he is able to tie up these what seem like separate events and link them all together. Plus you get the excitement of a vibrant city and its people. Another great book in this excellent series.




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Sgt. Mark Stryker and the men of the 716th MP battalion have a lot on their hands in 1967 Saigon. They have to protect an Air France airliner carrying Communist peace negotiators from being blown up by VC opposed to any peace deal. There is also a drug ring run by army deserters that is peddling bad dope. An Air Force general who brings his men to Saigon to celebrate his birthday and they get a little too rowdy. A new rookie finds out his girlfriend is actually VC. Plus there is the usual snipers, cowboys and various lowlifes that the MPs must deal with to keep a lid on if Saigon is not to fall into anarchy.

This book is actually the first one that I ever read. It is appropriate that I read it over the recent Christmas/New Year’s holiday since that is when I first read it back in 1984. This book doesn’t have a storyline that stands out. Just sort of a collection of various stories. I did enjoy this book and it got my interest in the series. I thought it was a great introduction to the world of Stryker’s MPs.

It is interesting to note that this book had an epilogue with what happened to the major characters. Sort of like maybe Cain thought that this would be his last book. It would last another eight books. The MPs would go on to be law enforcement back in the World, commit suicide, killed in action and one would join the anti-Communist resistance in Cambodia. The Vietnamese policemen would disappear into reeducation camps after the Communist victory. And Stryker? Well he was still in Saigon. Which seems appropriate. He wouldn’t let a Communist takeover drive him out of the city he loved.




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Someone has put a price on the head of a First Cavalry captain Louis Moast “The Ghost”. He is called The Ghost because he has a habit of making the soldiers under him into ghosts. Word out is that his own men have raised the $10,000 bounty. Sgt. Stryker assigns two new rookies to go undercover with the First Cavalry and find out who is responsible for the bounty. The new rookies leave the urban jungle for the real time. They soon find out that Captain Moast is a total space cadet. He volunteers his men for dangerous missions that result in high casualties all to advance his career. The undercover MPs begin to wonder that they might like to frag this guy themselves. They will have to survive Moast’s reckless missions if they are to find the assassins.

The third book in the series takes us to a more traditional Vietnam war book. Half the book takes place in the jungle fighting the VC and NVA. There still is plenty of police work in Saigon and the reveal of who put the bounty out on Moast was a complete surprise. A side story involved Nick Uhernik, a son of a diplomat who was born and raised in Saigon. He wanted to be an MP in Saigon and we follow his training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. We get to see the training that is involved in becoming an MP. A very satisfying book in the series.

Dinky-Dau is Vietnamese for crazy. So the title translates as “Crazy Death”.




Copyright 1984.

Sgt. Mark Stryker has reenlisted with the MP’s of the 716th Battalion in Saigon. While on a routine patrol with a rookie a call comes through of a sniper attack. Arriving they find the Decoy Squad pinned down by heavy fire from a group of VC. While going to the roof the VC are attacked by an overzealous helicopter pilot firing its rockets and causing a fire to the tenement. When the smoke clears a new MP just recently transferred to the 716th is missing. Soon after his wife comes to Saigon to find answers to his disappearance. She finds out he also had a Vietnamese wife. Soon the investigation leads to a KGB agent.

Meanwhile the MPs have to deal with the various other lowlifes that inhabit Saigon including a VC sapper attack on Tan Son Nhut airport, a panty pirate that steals women’s underwear and defecates on their beds and someone sabotaging Raunchy-Raul’s jeep.

The second book in the series establishes Stryker as a full member in the MPs. It starts to establish this series as one that has a mixture of action, police investigations and humor. The panty pirate is an officer that is a drag queen. An officer is found to be responsible for the various humorous sabotaging of Raunchy-Raul’s jeep. It seems back in Colorado Raul set up as a practical joke that the lieutenant was sleeping with the general’s wife and got him transferred to Vietnam. The main thing he seems angry about is that the general’s wife was real ugly and that ruined his reputation. Stuff like this sort of lightens up some of the more gruesome murders found in the book.

One thing that I though was a bit sad is a subplot with a seven year old Vietnamese girl. She finds out that her father was an MP and at the end he is reunited with him and her mother. They were going to get married when they were all gunned down and killed by the fleeing KGB agent at the end. I thought that was kind of a let down. Still the book was a solid entry in the series.

Code Zero is a radio term the MPs use to warn of imminent danger.



Well a new year. Can’t say that 2015 was one of my best years. I had some high hopes that my writing would be more successful. I started last year with two screenplays written and actually got a short story published. This year I just managed to write one short story that was rejected. So I figured I might as well just post it here. I hope the new year will be much better than the last one.


The old neighborhood was nearly unrecognizable. But then again a small yield nuclear explosion would do that to any neighborhood. Captain Jack Robbins took a small break from running to catch his breath. He surveyed the rubble strewn streets of Sacramento and shook his head. Old pleasant memories flooded his mind. Such a shame since the city was spared the worst from the big war.

He remembered that night long ago when some minor incident in the South China Sea ended up with every nation on Earth chucking nuclear, chemical and biological missiles at each other. The resulting chaos killed millions. Millions more died from the disruption of basic services like food, water and electricity. A year later and ninety percent of America’s population was dead.

Now international conflict had been replaced by more domestic conflicts. Dozens of two-bit dictatorships had sprung up. The largest was the Peoples Republic of California. Robbins was part of a task force that was assembled for a campaign against the secessionist state. The Federal Domestic Forces (DF) was a ramshackle force like everything else nowadays. It was still successful in the beginning against the poorly lead California militia. Robbins remembered the excitement of chasing after the broken rebels to Sacramento. He was looking forward to seeing his old home.

But fate was not looking down for a happy homecoming. The DF was formed using all sorts of scrounged military equipment. Most of its reliability suspect. The same could be said for its personnel. Conscripts with practically no training and in most case not even any basic education. The DF entered the city under the cover of artillery fire. One shell was an old nuclear artillery shell from the 1960’s. Ignoring the bright yellow radioactive sign on it one artillery man loaded it up and fired like any other shell. The small nuclear explosion destroyed half the DF forces in the city. The People’s Militia swooped down and mopped up the disorganized survivors.

Thank you American public education.

The sounds of a vehicle brought Robbins out of his reverie. He started to take off. He did not want to get taken prisoner. The People’s Militia was not too big on the Geneva Convention. As he ran down the street looking for a place to hide the sound of a dog’s growl brought him to a stop. There across the street was a big Doberman. Other growls revealed other dogs surrounding him. Robbins had respect for the wild dog packs that roamed the old cities. Once they were the pampered loved pets fed regularly for prepared cans or boxes. Now forced on their own they had banded together in packs and were in direct competition with their former masters for the dwindling sources of food. In many instances both humans and dogs found each other the only convenient source of food.

Robbins drew his knife. He had an M-16 but didn’t want to attract the Militia. He slowly backed up to the building next to him. He would hide out in there until it was safer to continue on. The Doberman that was obviously the pack leader could sense Robbins plan. He took off and launched himself at Robbins throat. Robbins didn’t survive this long by being slow. He thrust out his knife and caught the Doberman in the chest. It yelped and then abruptly died. Robbins slid the corpse off his knife as the other dogs stared at their leader’s death. He decided now was the time to duck into the building. He turned and opened the door.

Inside the building was full of dogs. They were packed into the big room and were staring at Robbins.

“Oh crap!” he yelled out. Knowing that stealth was secondary to his immediate survival, Robbins sheathed his knife and unsung the M-16. Before any of the dogs could react he let go into the pack at full auto. Bullets ripped through the dogs bodies. Many yelped and they all tried to run from the devastating fire. Most didn’t make it as Robbins emptied the clip. When the rifle clicked on an empty chamber the room was full of dead dogs.

He ejected an empty clip and slammed in a full one. Checking outside the dogs out there had taken off at the sound of gunfire. They had learned long ago to have respect for firearms. The sound of an approaching vehicle brought him back to more immediate concerns.

“Damn you God! What the hell did I do to you today?”

He took off down the street looking for a place to hide. An old army jeep came roaring around the corner with four men inside. They noticed him and let out a loud whoop. Robbins turned and fired at the oncoming jeep. His burst thudded into the two men in the front seat and the jeep swerved into a building. One of the men in back fell out and Robbins put a burst into him before he could get up. The other was still in the jeep as it crashed into the front and the roof caved in. He died screaming.

“Well that jeep isn’t going to do me any good.”

He took off while reloading his rifle. Another vehicle was approaching. Damn he was in a tight pickle. He racked his brain for a way out and decided to duck into an alley. He leaned against the wall in front of a window sill. That was when he heard the sound. A sinister rattle. He slowly turned and looked at the window sill. There was a coiled rattlesnake just inches from his face. Before he could react the snake struck. Its fangs clamped into his cheek. The fangs actually punctured his cheek and flooded his mouth with venom. Some of the vile tasting venom found its way down his throat while he spit the rest out. He grabbed the snake by its throat and ripped it off his cheek. He then proceeded to grind the snake’s head into the wall crushing it into a pulp and then dropped the lifeless carcass to the ground.

“Damn you God you worthless sack of shit! A rattlesnake on the window sill! What the fuck is that all about? I’m coming for you asshole! You hear me! I’m coming for you! There’s no place you can hide from me!

“Maybe we can help you meet him.” said a voice. Robbins turned around and saw a rifle butt coming toward his face then blackness.

“I think he’s coming around.”

Robbins could see slivers of light. Blurry shapes started to form and take more concrete shape.

“Yes I believe he is finally waking up. Wakey Wakey asshole.”

The forms took shape into five men dressed in fatigues. They had shoulder patches with a red star. In front of the star a grizzly bear was standing with a hammer in one paw and a sickle in another. It was the altered California flag for the People’s Republic.

“Yeah I think this turd is finally coming around.”

Robbins focused on the speaker. He was a big man with an even bigger beer belly clutching an AR-15. Next to him was a young teen with a face full of zits. On the other side of him was a bald man with bulging eyes. Next to him a buck toothed man. He kept bobbing up and down like he had to go to the bathroom.

“You killed my men.” stated the fifth one. He was a young man in his twenties. He wore a red beret with his uniform. The fatigue jacket was open and displaying a Che Guevara t-shirt. It was obvious that Che was a hero to the punk. He was trying to grow a beard like his hero but it was a pathetic little scraggly affair.

“They were assholes.” said Robbins.

Robbins got kicked in the stomach.

“They were my men. You’ll pay for that. What’s your name?”


“Your last name?”


“Jack Meoff.” said Che Guevara. The other guys started to laugh. Che still had a dumb look on his face. Slowly a light came on in his eyes and an angry frown formed. He planted another kick into Robbins stomach.

“You think you’re funny asshole. Well let’s see how funny you are when we string you up on that pole over there.”

Zit face and Bug Eyes each grabbed an arm and hauled him up. They then threw him against a hard metal surface. Robbins turned to look at what he was against. He then did a double take.

There before him was a genuine M-2 halftrack. It had a fresh coat of green paint. The white star insignia was crudely painted red but otherwise looked just as it must have back in World War II. He wondered where they got this old antique and how it was kept running. Surely these morons weren’t capable.

“Hey dickhead! What you looking at?” said Che.

Robbins turned his head at looked at him. “Admiring your halftrack.”

“This piece of junk. Can’t wait to get rid of it. Always breaking down.”

“Yeah I was wondering how you kept it running. Especially since you guys don’t look smart enough to dress yourselves.”

Che turned bright red in the face. “That’s it you old …”

He was cut off in mid-sentence as Robbins kicked out his foot into Che’s knee cap. There was a loud pop and Che collapsed to the ground. The others were taken by surprise and the two holding him loosened their grip. Robbins took advantage and pulled his right arm from Bug Eyes grasp. Then he swung around and planted a fist into Zit Face. His blow hit so hard it snapped Zit Face’s head back breaking his neck and killing him instantly. As the body fell Robbins grabbed up the knife in Zit Face belt. Then he turned to Bug Eyes who stood there with his mouth open and his eyes even more protruding. Robbins stabbed him in the heart and he collapsed dead.

Robbins then turned his attention to the others. Che was on the ground clutching his broken knee and screaming in pain. Buck Tooth was standing there in shock and looked like he really had to go to the bathroom. Beer Belly was the only one that kept his head and started to bring up his AR-15. He was the most immediate threat.

Robbins quick thinking came up with a plan. He threw the knife right in front of Beer Belly. It landed at his feet but was enough to distract him. As he looked down Robbins sprang at him. They both fell to the ground clutching the AR-15. Robbins kneed him in the groin which loosened his grip. Then he smacked him in the face with its butt. He was knocked unconscious.

Quickly he sprang up with the AR-15. Buck Tooth was finally starting to react. He was awkwardly fumbling for his rifle. Robbins didn’t give him a chance to unsling it. He pumped a burst into him. Then he turned to Che.

“Oooh God this hurts! You’re in trouble you bastard!”

“Is that a fact?”

“You can’t do this!”

“Why not?”

“Why not! I’ll tell you why not! It violates my human rights!”

“Is that a fact?”

“Yeah you know and uh it is against the Geneva protocols or something like that. You know the rules of war.”

“You mean like when you were kicking me in the stomach when I was down.”

Che stopped rolling around and looked directly at Robbins. He was met with a cold stare.

“Or how about stringing me up.”

“Hey that was different.” a panicky tone to his voice.


“Yeah you are like a war criminal.”

“You’re a real savant in international law aren’t you?”

Robbins started to bring up the AR-15.

“Oh come on,” he whined. “I was just doing my job!”

“Well so am I.” He then fired off a shot. The bullet struck his forehead and blew his brains out. Robbins was kind of surprised that there was actually something in there. He then leaned the AR-15 on his rightt shoulder and surveyed the area.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he muttered to himself. He then walked over to the halftrack. A quick inspection and he got the engine started. The area was engulfed in a smoke cloud as the engine burned oil. He ground the gear shift into first and popped the clutch. Hopefully this old wreck would get him to the Nevada border and safety. He had a really bad day and was looking forward to a cold beer. After all this day couldn’t get any worse.

He was later to find out that it could.