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Copyright 1982.

Special forces teams are being ambushed at an alarming rate in Laos. A helicopter incursion into Cambodia results in the unit being ambushed. The sole survivor to escape Captain Marco tells that the ambush was done by renegade Americans. Colonel John Hardin is assigned the mission to find these renegades.

Now Hardin is on the outs with the high command for killing the treasonous general from the first book. But they need his expertise so they give him the gang of misfits from the last mission. With a sergeant who fragged his lieutenant. A mob hitman who’s favorite weapon is a piano wire garret. A pill popping medic named Pepper. Doc Pepper get it.(HA!HA!HA!) This motley crew must infiltrate the renegades valley base run by a crazy redneck major with plans of waging his own nuclear war on the commies with help from a CIA faction.

The second book in this series. Some of the dialogue is just what the English must envision all Americans talk like. The redneck major makes Larry the Cable Guy look Harvard educated. The black Captain Marco always talks in over the top jive. Because lets face it all black guys in the seventies were from Harlem and spoke jive. Even a college educated man like Marco.

Its another fun book with a truly wacky cast of characters and situations. I’m glad I got it for my vacation.




Copyright 1981.

Colonel John Hardin is a officer that has just made an enemy of a corrupt American general. General Dempsey needs someone to deliver a package in Laos and Hardin refuses knowing that the mission is shady. He threatens to expose the general’s cover up of a massacre. Now Dempsey decides that Hardin is too dangerous to live. He arranges for the helicopter he’s on to blow up over Laos. He then mounts an expedition using criminals from the brig as cover for his true mission. It involves passing off intelligence that could cause the death of thousands of American soldiers.

Hardin survives the crash. He links up with the criminals that were destined to be killed. Together they must fight off a ruthless North Vietnamese general and expose the corruption of General Dempsey.

For my Christmas vacation I decided to get all four books in this series. I remember picking up the third book as a teenager to read for my Christmas vacation and it seemed fitting to track down the other books to complete my collection.

The first book is a solid action story. It is written by an English author who’s only knowledge of Vietnam is watching movies like Apocalypse Now and the Deer Hunter. He makes up his own slang words that I never encountered is books written by veterans. Indeed he uses English words that seep into the Americans dialogue. I think it kind of adds to the charm of its bad pulpy feel.

So there is no authenticity to the stories but they are an enjoyable and interesting action story.




Copyright 1991.

After their victory in West Germany the Soviets turn their attention south to Iran. The country is in the midst of a civil war between the Soviet backed government and Muslim hardline fundamentalists. The Soviets come in on the government’s side with the goal of controlling the Iranian oilfields and access to the Persian Gulf. The Americans send a force to stop them.

The rebel Iranians are able to capture two nuclear armed Scud missiles from the Soviets. Now Major Jinx and BJ must lead a team to destroy these missiles before they’re launched and cause a larger nuclear conflagration. Colonel Bodnya and his Spetsnaz are also looking for the missiles. The wild card is a group of rebel Kurds that are nominally allied to the Americans but have an agenda all their own.

The final book in the WWIII behind the lines was another fun read. All the books took place in a different area of the world giving the series a fresh new story every book. Also the Soviets are always coming out the winners in these books which was not usually the case for adventure books of the time. It gave them a sense of realism.

Of course by 1991 the Soviet Union was on its last leg. The series was a victim of fast changing world events and was dated when it first came out. I think it would of had more success if it started five years earlier. It’s a shame since I really enjoyed this new world they created and would have liked to see where it went.

World Unknown Review is Here!


My debut as a writer is now available.

L.S. Engler

The announcement I’ve been chomping at the bit to make is finally here! I might be pushing it out the door a little early (KDP is giving me weird cover issues and the physical book isn’t yet available on Amazon), but I just can’t wait any longer. World Unknown Review is finally here!

World Unknown Review has been an exciting project for me, one I hope to duplicate every year to help put more voices out there in the popular format of our times, independent publishing via Amazon. This first volume brings a lot of really great stories, in a wide variety of genres, from memoir to romance, science fiction and fantasy, adventure and literary. Some of these authors have a hefty list of accomplishments under their belts, some of them have never been published before. There’s a little bit of something for everyone, and, hopefully, everything for someone.


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Copyright 1990.

The second book in the series jumps right into the action from the first. The Soviets have unleashed Operation Summer Harvest and invaded West Germany. Our heroes Jinx and BJ find themselves leading special ops teams deep inside East Germany. Major Bodnya and his surviving spetsnaz return to a heroes welcome back home. The unit is given the title 800th Guards Special Purpose Battalion. The first unit to be elevated to guards status since the Great Patriotic War. In no time he and this troops are assigned to East Germany to hunt down the NATO teams operating behind the lines.

The war is going badly for NATO and the decision to use nuclear attacks to stop the Soviets results in a devastating counterattack. The two sides agree to a nuclear moratorium. Nuclear Demolition Teams operating inside East Germany are recalled. All but one team 032A does not respond. Jinx and BJ must lead a team to find 032A and stop them from detonating their device otherwise it could start a bigger war.

The second book in this series deals with special forces action in East Germany. It has a real grasp of the various tactics and security forces that would be encountered. Another solid book that looks at special operations in East Germany from both the American and Soviet viewpoints.