Copyright 1984.

Sgt. Mark Stryker and the men of the 716th MP battalion have a lot on their hands in 1967 Saigon. They have to protect an Air France airliner carrying Communist peace negotiators from being blown up by VC opposed to any peace deal. There is also a drug ring run by army deserters that is peddling bad dope. An Air Force general who brings his men to Saigon to celebrate his birthday and they get a little too rowdy. A new rookie finds out his girlfriend is actually VC. Plus there is the usual snipers, cowboys and various lowlifes that the MPs must deal with to keep a lid on if Saigon is not to fall into anarchy.

This book is actually the first one that I ever read. It is appropriate that I read it over the recent Christmas/New Year’s holiday since that is when I first read it back in 1984. This book doesn’t have a storyline that stands out. Just sort of a collection of various stories. I did enjoy this book and it got my interest in the series. I thought it was a great introduction to the world of Stryker’s MPs.

It is interesting to note that this book had an epilogue with what happened to the major characters. Sort of like maybe Cain thought that this would be his last book. It would last another eight books. The MPs would go on to be law enforcement back in the World, commit suicide, killed in action and one would join the anti-Communist resistance in Cambodia. The Vietnamese policemen would disappear into reeducation camps after the Communist victory. And Stryker? Well he was still in Saigon. Which seems appropriate. He wouldn’t let a Communist takeover drive him out of the city he loved.

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