Anyone who has followed this blog knows that I really enjoy the Rifftrax live shows. Well they have announced their planned lineup this year. I have seen Sharknado 2 and am sure it will be as funny as the first one they did last year. The other three movies look like real gems and I can’t wait to see them.

So if you want a fun time then mark the dates.




Copyright 1987.

Back in the second book Hickok at the beginning rescued an Indian woman and her young daughter from a group of men. Now that woman has recovered and tells a story of being from the Flathead tribe around Kalispell Montana. Her tribe is under attack by soldiers. She tells that the hospital in Kalispell is intact and probably has the equipment that Plato is looking for to cure the premature senility. Now Blade and Geronimo take off in the SEAL to Kalispell.

Hickok can’t come because a young sixteen year old named Shane has taken off to hunt the remaining Trolls. Shane wants to be a warrior and hopes to impress Hickok. Hickok rescues a young woman named Sherry from a Troll group that survived the Fox Run. He finds out that Shane was captured by the Moles. The Moles live in a large underground city called the Mound. Hickok and Sherry are captured by the Moles and together with Shane must escape the Mound.

While this is going on the power-monger that was hinted at decides to make his move. Napoleon the leader of Gamma Triad has grand delusions of using the Home as a base to conquer outlying settlement and form his own empire. It is now up to Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the leader of Beta triad to stop his plans.

Well a lot of stuff happens in this book. The series is really starting to pick up which is welcomed after the sedate pace of the first three books. The action starts to move outside of Minnesota. We find out that the Watchers are actually what’s left of the US Army now called the Army of Samuel. The government relocated to Denver and evacuated people to what became known as The Civilized Zone. The Civilized Zone consists of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Southern Wyoming, Northern Texas, New Mexico and Eastern Arizona. Samuel Hyde the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare became President. He quickly clamped down and now the Civilized Zone is a dictatorship run by his son Samuel the Second.

We also find out about the Doktor. A crazed scientist building an army of genetic mutants at his fortress the Cheyenne Citadel. He’s the second most powerful man in the Civilized Zone. The Civilized Zone has plans to reconquer the outlands and know about the Home.

So it ends with everybody getting back safely. Blade and Geronimo find the needed supplies. Hickok has made an alliance with the Moles. It sets up of a future confrontation with the new threat from Samuel and the Doktor.




Copyright 1986.

Blade, Hickok, Geronimo, Bertha and Joshua after recovering from their injuries from their battle with the Watchers once again head out for the Twin Cities. This time they wisely avoid and large towns to avoid contact with the Watchers. They make it to the city without an incident. Once there they hide the SEAL and head out to the University of Minnesota at night. While on the way they are attacked by the Wacks. The crazy cannibalistic gang that is descended from inmates of a criminal insane asylum.

After the battle the group finds itself split up. Blade is captured by the Wacks and must fight their leader Clorg and a horrible mutant called Fant. Geronimo is forced into the sewers and must battle rats and a large alligator. Bertha is captured by her former gang the Nomads. Joshua is found by the Horns a gang descended from a fundamentalist church that refused to evacuate after the war. Hickok is captured by the Porns the gang descended from a pornographer and criminal that also refused to evacuate the city after the war. He takes on their leader Maggot.

The various gang has their wacky adventures and succeed in uniting the three sane factions with the promise of helping them relocate to northern Minnesota.

Finally the gang reaches the Twin cities and it is one big mess. Sad to see it fall on such hard times. I have and aunt an uncle that live there and it is a nice place with plenty of restaurants and shops. The Family doesn’t get the needed medical supplies but they have gained an ally with the inhabitants of the Twin Cities. It also brings up the question of what happened to most of the people in Minnesota. We learn that they were evacuated by the government after the war. Where did they go? Questions that will be answered in the next book.




Copyright 1986.

The Alpha Triad starts out on its interrupted journey to the Twin Cities. Blade the leader is apprehensive about leaving the family. He doesn’t want to leave his fiancĂ©e and also is worried after Plato tells him about a possible powermonger in the Family. He also is not comfortable taking Joshua along at Plato’s insistence. Joshua is a pacifist and Blade feels that he is not cut out for the mission. Plato wants him along to be the peaceful negotiator for anyone they meet.

Traveling in the SEAL the four move through a deserted Minnesota countryside. At the town of Thief River Falls the group encounter armed men. After defeating them they rescue a prisoner, a girl named Bertha. Bertha is from the Twin cities and was captured by the Watchers. The Watchers are mysterious soldiers that have closed off the Twin Cities and will not let anyone leave. She tells of a hellish place the city has become. There are four factions fighting over the city. One the Wacks are cannibalistic and crazy. There are also hordes of rats, cockroaches and dangerous wild animals.

Before the group can move on they are attacked by the Watchers and their half man half beast servants the Brutes. Now they are in a fight for survival.

The second book continues to set up the world that Blade and the Family finds itself in. We are introduced to a mysterious group of soldiers. They have newly manufactured supplies and money which indicates that a functioning civilization is active somewhere in the country. We also get a glimpse of what awaits them in the Twin Cities. And finally we get to know the warriors of Blade, Hickok, and Geronimo a little bit better. Definitely makes me want to continue reading this series.

A note that Thief River Falls is an actual town in northern Minnesota.




Copyright 1986.

It has been one hundred years since the Big Blast as WWIII is called. Kurt Carpenter’s home has survived and the descendants called The Family are still struggling to survive. Life is a constant struggle with harsh weather, drifting chemical clouds and mutates. Mutates are pus coverer animals that have been scarred by the radiation/chemicals of the war and are constantly hunting for food to sate their ravenous appetite.

Plato the leader is worried about another threat facing The Family. A form of premature senility is striking the Home. Each successive generation it strike family members at a younger age. Soon the Family faces extinction. So Plato proposes that an expedition to the Twin Cities be mounted to retrieve vital equipment and medical supplies to find a cure. He has the family unearth the SEAL(Solar Energized Amphibious or Land Recreational Vehicle). The SEAL was buried by Carpenter in the event the family needed to travel outside the Home. It is solar powered and impervious to bullets.

Before the expedition starts the Home is attacked by a gang called the Trolls. A number of women are kidnapped and taken to their stronghold in Fox. Now the warriors of the Alpha Triad must take the SEAL to rescue their women.

The first book that started it all. We are introduced to the Alpha Triad. Hickok a deadly shot with his twin pearl handled Colt Python .357 magnums. Geronimo descended from Blackfoot Indians and an excellent tracker. Wields two tomahawks. And Blade the leader. Seven feet of all muscle and wears twin bowies. He is the star of this series and will be on all the covers.

The book sets up the world of Endworld and it’s principal characters. Its a fun little adventure with foreshadowing of much more dangerous foes such as the Watchers in their future. On a side note their is actually a small town called Fox, Minnesota located on the Canadian border. Also other towns and highways are on the map. Either the author is familiar with the area or like me consulted the road map.