Copyright 1985.

Warrant Officer Robert Quinn is a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division(CID)branch of the 716th MP battalion stationed in Saigon. He has made a home in Saigon and married one of the local women. Together they have a son and daughter. Then one day his world is turned upside down. Boardcheck a child molester that Quinn put away escapes from Leavenworth. Boardcheck wants revenge and kidnaps his wife and children. Soon body parts of the children are left around the city wrapped up as a present. Can the MPs of the 716th find and stop Boardcheck?

The eighth book in the series is the first that actually has a central character in Robert Quinn. In fact the whole story focuses almost exclusively on the character which is its weakness. It sort of drags on with his depression over the kidnapping and him contemplating suicide. The criminal escapes from Leavenworth(didn’t know Leavenworth was so easy to escape from) was used in the last book. It felt like an overused and unoriginal idea. I guess Cain was trying something new but I think it failed. This was my least favorite in the series and just dragged on with a lot of grim and depressing writing.

Thankfully the next books were some of the best in the series.

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