Copyright 1984.

Someone has put a price on the head of a First Cavalry captain Louis Moast “The Ghost”. He is called The Ghost because he has a habit of making the soldiers under him into ghosts. Word out is that his own men have raised the $10,000 bounty. Sgt. Stryker assigns two new rookies to go undercover with the First Cavalry and find out who is responsible for the bounty. The new rookies leave the urban jungle for the real time. They soon find out that Captain Moast is a total space cadet. He volunteers his men for dangerous missions that result in high casualties all to advance his career. The undercover MPs begin to wonder that they might like to frag this guy themselves. They will have to survive Moast’s reckless missions if they are to find the assassins.

The third book in the series takes us to a more traditional Vietnam war book. Half the book takes place in the jungle fighting the VC and NVA. There still is plenty of police work in Saigon and the reveal of who put the bounty out on Moast was a complete surprise. A side story involved Nick Uhernik, a son of a diplomat who was born and raised in Saigon. He wanted to be an MP in Saigon and we follow his training at Ft. Gordon, Georgia. We get to see the training that is involved in becoming an MP. A very satisfying book in the series.

Dinky-Dau is Vietnamese for crazy. So the title translates as “Crazy Death”.

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