Copyright 1985.

Five year ago Sgt. Mark Stryker was responsible for putting an Army intelligence agent in Leavenworth for the rape and murder of innocent Vietnamese peasants. Now he has escaped and found his way to Saigon to get revenge on Stryker. There is also a lot of other threats for Stryker and the MP’s of the 716th have to deal with. Someone is murdering prostitutes by tying them up and driving a buzz saw through their heads. A crazy female Vietnamese cab driver is killing MP’s that get in her cab if accompanied by a Vietnamese prostitute. A MP is conspiring with the Vietnamese wife of his partner to have her husband killed for the insurance money. And a white man is roaming the city playing superhero. Dressed in a red cape, combat boots, a gas mask and nothing else he takes out criminals. Nicknamed Captain Condom because he ties a condom on the men that he subdues.

Into this a movie company comes to Saigon. Starring a blonde bimbo named Kiwi Kolana it is an action flick and Stryker’s MPs are assigned security duty. Things aren’t all that legit with this production. A staged bank robbery turns into the real thing and the producer is filming a snuff film on the side.

The seventh is another enjoyable book in the series. It combines gritty police procedures, comic relief with Captain Condom and plenty of good old shoot’em up action. Once again all the subplots are somehow related and come together at the end.

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