Copyright 1986.

The men of camp A-555 get intelligence that a VC recruiting cadre will be coming through the area. It looks like a perfect opportunity to capture it. Captain Mack Gerber has some reservations about the information but decides to set up an ambush. His reservations are valid since the information was planted by the VC. The Chinese officer who is the teams nemesis came up with the plan. He wants to capture as many of the green berets as possible. Soon the ambushers find themselves the ambushed. Three men are captured and taken to a secret VC prison camp. There a sadistic VC major has plans to torture the three.

The second book in the series deals with the POW issue. It shows what the captive could expect. The book also introduces us to the Chinese officer. Before he was a shadowy figure but in this story he is actually part of the action. Sgt. Fetterman gets to meet him. Fetterman gets to really shine in this story. An old veteran of WWII and Korea is a small man who claims to be descended from Aztecs. He has a fondness for exotic Japanese ninja weapons and manages to calmly escape his captors and lead a rescue back for revenge. The Chinese officer once again escapes to cause further trouble down the road.

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