Copyright 1986.

An ARVN ranger squad is ambushed and massacred near the Cambodian border. It looks like it was carried out by the mysterious Chinese advisor that has been the bane of Mack Gerber’s Green Berets. Discreet inquires with a CIA friend finds that there is a secret program to assassinate Communist cadre. He assures Gerber that the government will look the other way if a successful assassination is done provided that they don’t get caught. So Gerber has two of his best men cross the border and assassinate the Chinese advisor. On return they are arrested for illegally crossing the border and assassinating a foreign national on neutral soil. Now Gerber has to rescue his men from a kangaroo court conducted by General Crinshaw.

The bankruptcy of Pinnacle ended the old Scorpion Squad series. Luckily it was picked up by Gold Eagle the Harlequin for men book publisher. It was given a much more appropriate name but otherwise remained the same. This one we get a fair amount of legal intrigue with the prosecution by a General out the get the men. The information was leaked by a Cong agent and it was fascinating way that they managed to get Crinshaw to drop the charges. Of course the general has it out for Gerber so he’ll still be a problem in the future I’m sure. Also Gerber gets a new love interest. The Air Force nurse he was seeing turns out to be married and she leaves Vietnam. Luckily her sister is a reporter stationed in Vietnam. Amazing how that worked out. The reporter is a better choice as a romantic interest then a nurse. Definitely more possibilities with that.

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