Copyright 1986.

Staff Sgt. Ian McMillan is killed by the VC while observing a village at the Cambodian border. It looks like the VC specifically targeted him. Word is out that the Chinese advisor has offered a reward for the Green Berets at Camp A-555 for all the trouble they caused. Gerber decides that he must be stopped and convinces the others to sign on for an extra six months so they can finish this guy off. They check out the village where McMillan was killed and find a major underground complex that they are able to destroy. Then the group gets a 30 day leave and Gerber and Fetterman decide to spend it in Hong Kong. They are joined by his girlfriend reporter Robin Morrow.

While there Fetterman sees the Chinese officer. Later an attack by thugs and an ambush by armed men convince them the Chinese officer is stalking them in Hong Kong. Robin is later kidnapped and used as bait. All the other Green Berets are called in to help and a final confrontation between their Chinese nemesis occurs in a mansion in the hills of the New Territories.

This book decided to take the action out of Vietnam. The entire second half occurs in Hong Kong which was a nice change of scenery. The guys will sign up for an extended tour so that’s how the series will continue on for a while. We also finally get a direct confrontation between Gerber and the Chinese advisor. A confrontation that ends with the uncertainty that the Chinese was killed. Fetterman shot him but his body disappeared in a lake and we don’t know for sure that he is dead. Only time will tell if he appears in a future story.

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