Copyright 1987.

The family leader Plato decides to sent a warrior on a reconnaissance mission to Cheyenne citadel. Yama is the one that draws the short straw. Yama who chose to be named after the Hindu god of death is a very versatile warrior. Armed with a Wilkinson sub-machinegun, four handguns and his scimitar he is a formidable opponent.

Yama infiltrates Cheyenne and finds a very repressive totalitarian society. People are herded along like sheep while listening to the various newscasts announcing the daily arrests for trivial offenses like jaywalking or children that turned in their parents. He also finds that Samuel is preparing for an assault on the Calvary in South Dakota and is massing troops and equipment at the Doktor’s Biological Center. It’s here the Doktor creates his mutant deviant assassins and also bleeds out infants for his immortality formula.

Yama befriends and frees one of the mutants Lynx. Lynx is a hybrid lynx-human and is scheduled for execution because he tried to kill the Doktor. The two are able to steal the Doktor’s notebooks and flee but not before they set off a small tactical nuke on the Doktor’s Biological Center.

Meanwhile Blade and the Alpha Triad have taken the SEAL and headed back to the Twin Cities to help relocate the inhabitants. They arrive to find the inhabitants enslaved by troops from the Civilized Zone. They are to be transferred back into Reabsorption Camps where can be transformed into obedient, productive citizens. Luckily for the inhabitants of the Twin cities Blade and company come in the nick of time. With their newly discovered armaments build into the SEAL they make short work of the Civilized Zone troopers and transport the survivors to safety.

The series is really starting to pick up the action. We finally get to see what its like in the Civilized Zone and it isn’t pretty. Also in the last book they discovered that the SEAL is armed with an assortment of weapon systems. Fifty caliber twin machine guns under the headlamps. A flamethrower, rocket launcher and stinger missile they actually use to shoot down a fighter jet. They also decide to take the fight to the Civilized Zone setting up another action packed story.

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