Copyright 1987.

The newly formed Freedom Federation has declared war on the Civilized Zone. The members consisting of the Family, the Moles, the Calvary and the newly united inhabitants of the Twin cities now called the Clan. Blade has been put in charge of the newly formed army. His first strike is to take out the Doktor with a bold plan. A small force of seven will take over the northern most settlement of Catlow, Wyoming.

The seven include Blade and his Alpha triad buddies Hickok and Geronimo. Bertha represents the Clan. A man named Rudabaugh the Calvary and Orison the Moles. Lynx rounds out the seven and is the bait as the Doktor is really anxious to pay him back for the destruction of his Biological center.

Unfortunately things don’t work out as planned and the seven are trapped in Catlow facing thousands of the Doktor’s mutant deviates. Now they must fight an epic battle with little chance of survival.

I don’t think you need the dedication at the beginning to the cast of The Magnificent Seven to see where the inspiration for the story came from. This is a real fun story and the best so far in the series. Rudabaugh is a cowboy who is an expert with dynamite and thankfully brings plenty along. Of course we know the outcome. Their skills combined with plenty of ammo from their automatic weapons, liberal use of dynamite and kick ass attitude ensure defeat for the Doktor and his minions.

Some interesting things we discover are that the Doktor was instrumental in starting WWIII. He also is responsible for the deadly clouds and mutates that have plagued the Family. He also was responsible for killing Blade’s father which Blade repays with one of his Bowies to the groin.

So we end with the final words from Blade at the end.

“One down and one to go. Lookout Denver here we come.”


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