Copyright 1987.

Geronimo is feeling somewhat confused after being betrayed by the Flathead’s in the last book. He decides to take some time off and heads out into the wastelands of South Dakota to contemplate life. There he finds a group of people called the Calvary. Superb horsemen they are descended from hardy ranchers that refused to be evacuated by the government. The Calvary are recently split into two factions due to a feud between warring twin brothers. Geronimo is instrumental in uniting the factions and also finds a girl to marry. Oh yeah and he has to fight off giants ants.

Meanwhile at the Home the Doktor has sent two of his genetic mutant assassins to punish the defector Gremlin. Luckily Blade and Gremlin are more then a match for them.

So the fifth entry in the series sort of meanders along. Its notable for giving Geronimo some time in the spotlight and the Family gains the Calvary as a valuable ally in its fight with the Civilized Zone. We get a glimpse of the Doktor and find out he uses blood from babies to maintain his immortality. And finally all the Alpha Triad get married to their girlfriends at the end. Oh yeah and there are giant ants. Giant ants are really cool. Who doesn’t like giant ants. That’s what really saves this book. I’m surprised that more movies, TV shows, books, comics etc. don’t use them more often.


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