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The United Americans are looking for Viktor Robotov. They get an anonymous tape mailed to them from the Caribbean. It is a monster movie filmed in Tokyo. Only it reveals in the background a Russian cruiser that belongs to Viktor. They immediately head to Tokyo and find the city under the control of what the locals call The Big Trouble. This is Robotov who now controls the city. He has taken over a movie production company on an island in Tokyo Bay. The employees are forced to work in his underground factory that makes nuclear IEDs. They are put in stuff like fire hydrants, trash cans and mailboxes. Viktor’s goal is to plant them around the world and threaten to set them off unless everybody submits to his rule.

Hawk Hunter has other plans. He hooks up with this kooky group called the Knights of the Flying Cross. A group that believes they are the Knights Templar and fly around in YAK-38s. They come up with a plan to free the captives on Viktor’s island then nuke it out of existence. They first have to deal with hundreds of F-86 Sabres flown by kamikaze pilots. Then they have to fight the robots on their former Russian aircraft carrier that Viktor is able to take over. All ends well when they succeed in freeing the prisoners and nuking his island. A chase in Viktor’s flying cube ends with the leader of the Knights sacrificing himself to stop him. This may be all for nothing for they find out the real power was Viktor’s wife who is still at large.

I thought the last book would be the end for a while, but Mack released this just before Christmas. I always think that his books just can’t get any weirder and the next one always disproves that. This is one really weird book. I didn’t know the Russian carrier they captured had robots on it. Yet in this book we find out they do. Arming themselves with AK-47s, they go on a rampage that Hunter of course stops in the nick of time. Sounds like he is setting up Viktor’s wife who we were introduced two books ago as the new number one baddie. Apparently, she must have escaped her daughter’s captivity. We will have to wait for my guess is the end of this year. Maloney has been fairly consistent with putting out a new book every year for this series.

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