Copyright 2020.

The Asian Mercenary Cult has decided to leave their colony in the Southwest. After the stunning victories of the United Americans under Hawk Hunter against the Russians they wisely see the writing on the wall. They agree to leave all their weapons behind and boards transport ships back to Asia. The UA decides to send its carrier USS USA along to make sure they comply. Halfway there the AMC ships are attacked by hordes of drones that kamikaze into them. There is a new ruthless faction and Hunter has to find out who they are. His search brings him to the Solomon Islands. Here he finds the Yellow Star a new mercenary group is using the natives as slave labor to build huge mirrors to convert solar light to power. They have to stop this new group and find a way to defeat the hordes of kamikaze drones. Hunter also comes up against a Russian mercenary pilot that is as skilled as he is. Naturally they come out on top but at the end find out their arch enemy Viktor Robotov is still kicking and leading the Yellow Star.

It took twenty books to finally come up with a pilot that could go against the Wingman. Yet Hunter manages to take him out because the guy is a braggart and didn’t notice that Hunter had his .357 in his boot. Another really strange and goofy story. This time we get hordes of kamikaze drones that threaten to actually defeat them. Yet the United Americans as usual use their ingenuity to defeat the Yellow Star and free the native peoples from slavery.

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