Copyright 1985.

The Guardians get their next assignment. There is a high probability that Dr. Georges Mahalaby is part of the Blueprint. Also reports are coming in that an old man is trying to organize a trade network in California. This could be a man who was a founder of the Blueprint and would have crucial knowledge. So its off to the sunny state of California. It starts out fairly successful. The agricultural research station run by Mahalaby called New Eden located in the Sierra Nevadas is indeed a crucial component to the Blueprint. The genetically modified seeds are radiation resistant and easy to grow. They also find the mysterious man who is Dr. Morgenstern an economist who has knowledge of a third of the Blueprint.

Still there are threats in the golden state. An ex-Air Force general and his New California Militia is one. Another is a coalition of leftist terrorist groups being organized by former Lt. Governor of California Geoffrey Van Damm. A politician who looks like Robert Redford and has the politics of Stalin has plans to turn the state into a people’s republic. Maximov has send his golden boy operative ex-KGB agent Vesensky to help him out. Van Damm manages to kidnap Morgenstern and salvage a nuclear warhead. Now the Guardians must rescue Morgenstern and stop the mad plans of Van Damm by assaulting him in Disneyland.

The third book was what convinced me that this series was going to be excellent. The books were just getting better and better. So California is chock full of nuts and its even more so after the apocalypse. There are all sorts of kooky communities. There is one called The Duchy of Carolina and founded by a science fiction writer who claims to be a descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The terrorist groups are also quite imaginative. In the nineties California is envisioned as becoming the terrorist capital of North America. The groups consist of The Joaquin Murieta Brigade, The San Fernando Liberation Front, The Black Mambas, The Avengers of Cinque, Sons of Hayduke, California People’s Liberation Army, Republic of the Bear and twelve members of the Japanese Red Army who were on their way to Canada to blow up the Indonesian embassy.

Interesting how Disneyland seems to play into these type of books. Its the third series that took place at Disneyland and the second that involved a nuclear bomb. Must be something special about the place.

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