Copyright 1985.

Things are going smoothly for the Guardians. With the info from Dr. Morgenstern the team is finding personnel right and left. Its becoming routine. While in north Texas picking up another specialist they find that they can’t reach Heartland on the radio. They then intercept a radio broadcast. It is President William Lowell who was thought dead during the One-Day War. He has returned and with the help of the Federated States of Europe assumed power. President MacGregor has been arrested. Soon after the Guardians are ambushed and they lose Mobile One. Casey is seriously wounded. Now the Guardians are fugitives from the FSE.

Soon they start to form a resistance as the excesses of the invading Effsees become apparent to the American people. Then they are approached by the creator of the Guardian project Major Crenna. He has a plan to get into the underground complex in Iowa. They have to act soon because President MacGregor is scheduled to be executed. More important thought is they have cracked the code on the computers and soon Chairman Maximov will have the Blueprint for Renewal.

So the fourth book Victor Milan decided to shake things up. Indeed the series was in danger of becoming a routine adventure where the Guardians leave their safe underground base and have a standard adventure. Now the Guardians are without that safe base. They lose their armored car and are hunted fugitives. So at the end they manage to set off the self-destruct that blows up Heartland. They prevent Maximov from gaining the Blueprint and kill the traitorous President Lowell who sold the country out. At the end they find an exact duplicate of Mobile One that they lost so they have their armored car back but otherwise are alone in a hostile environment. I really love this series.

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