Copyright 1985.

The VC are building up with supplies brought down the Mekong River in sampans. The ground ambushes are proving ineffective in stopping the flow of weapons. What is needed are boats to intercept the sampans. Of course General Crinshaw is against this idea so Gerber and his green berets steal a boat and modify it for combat. It is a success and through unofficial channels a joint Army-Navy operation is launched just before Christmas code named River Raid.

The fourth and last book in the old Scorpion Squad series. It was also the first in this series I ever read so it has some sentimental value with me. I do think it is the best in the four books of the old series. There is a fair amount of humor in it. The boat they steal turns out to be General Crinshaw’s private boat brought over illegally at taxpayer expense so the general could water ski. There was also a new character Vladimir Schmidt. A weird pasty man who always wore sunglasses and never seemed to be around in the day. When he was in the daylight he got sick and need blood transfusions. VC were found with their blood drained from puncture holes in their neck. Seemed Sgt. Schmidt thought himself a vampire. In the end he died from a trap he tripped, a crossbow that shot a wooden bolt through his heart.

So this book dealt mainly with the beginnings of riverine operations. It was interesting to read about this. The VC once again massacre another village. This was because they turned against the VC after an overzealous cadre murdered the schoolteacher because she rejected him. So they had to destroy the whole village with flamethrowers. While this was the last in the misnamed Scorpion Squad series it is not the end for Captain Mack Gerber and the Green Berets of camp A-555.

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