Copyright 1997.

A security guard at the Dymar research facility is found dead from a fatal disease. The Dymar was recently destroyed by arson from animal rights activists killing the head researcher and his assistant. The strange nature of the death qualifies it as a X-file and so Mulder and Scully go to Oregon to investigate. Their investigation soon points that animal rights activists were a cover for the shadow elements of the government who were really responsible for the fire. They wanted to suppress a new nanotechnology that could be the key to immortality. Now the lab assistant has survived and is infected with defective nanobots that are killing him and infecting anyone he comes into contact. The key to the cure is the researcher’s son who was cured of his terminal cancer and hiding out in a cabin in the Oregon wilderness.

The third and final Kevin Anderson book in the series is another solid story. He managed to cover a different X-files theme in each of his books. The first dealt with the paranormal. The second with aliens and this one with science gone horribly wrong. Sort of all the major themes from the TV series. Once again there was well researched information on nanotechnology showing he puts a lot of effort in this stories. His books were all unique and kept within the mythology that the series established. This books were a great improvement from the Charles Grant ones.

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