Copyright 1999.

A middle aged professor gets a skin transplant for a burn injury. Right after he goes completely nuts. Gaining superhuman strength and trashing his hospital room and crushing with his bare hands the head of a nurse. Such a strange event attracts the attention of Mulder who is always on the lookout for bizarre cases. The investigation leads to a John Doe who died in a car accident and had his skin accidentally harvested by mistake. The trail leads to a biotech firm. Unraveling the threads lead to the founder who started out treating napalm victims at a MASH unit in Thailand during the Vietnam war. A trip to the sleepy fishing village in Thailand results in a confrontation with a plot to create an army of mindless drones and a legendary Thai monster known as the “Skin Eater.”

The final book that was released during the run of the TV series is by a new author. Ben Mezrich has written an interesting story. I wonder if he has a medical background because he seems to be very knowledgeable about skin transplants. He did do considerable research about the subject and I learned that skin is the largest organ in the human body. It was refreshing to get a new author’s perspective on the series and he did a good job.

So the books for this series started out weak with Charles Grant but picked up steam with Kevin Anderson. Ben Mezrich ended the run on a positive note. Now since the series has come back so have new X-files books which we will look at next.


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