Copyright 1990.

Well its finally here. Blade gets a vacation. We have been hearing about his need for one these past few books and now he finally gets time off. Plato finds in the founders journal a mention of a cabin ten miles to the north. Next to a lake it sounds like the perfect place to relax. So Blade get to take the SEAL and his wife Jenny and son Gabe for two weeks of fishing and lazing around.

Of course post-apocalypse Minnesota isn’t the vacation spot it once was. Initially the cabin is found intact and the lake is teeming with fish. It truly looks as if Blade can finally relax with his family. Unfortunately Blade is wounded in an attack by a sleazy scavenger named Roy who lusts after Blades wife. Later the whole family has to fight off salamander men that live in the lake. Meanwhile empaths at the Home have a vision of Blade in danger and Plato sends out their fastest warrior Sampson to run up to the cabin. Will he make it in time to save Blade and his family?

So Blade takes a vacation. I think the author also took one from writing. The story is interesting but after traveling to all these exotic locations and fearsome foes, a cabin by the lake and salamander men is somewhat of a let down. Blade the warrior that takes on Soviets, mutants, androids and warlords is almost taken down by a sad sack scavenger. Kind of out of character for Blade. And the salamander men are not that much of an enemy.

Still there are some positives to this book. We get introduced to Blade’s wife and son. We get to see Blade as a father and husband which is an interesting side to his character. Also we are introduced to one of the other warriors Sampson. Still it was on whole a mediocre entry in the Blade series. Luckily for the next book the Force is reassembled with all new characters.

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