Copyright 1990.

Two border posts in northern Texas are attacked by mysterious people that are naked and have green spots on their skin. The green spots hint at a possible deadly plague. A plague that could eventually spread to the Civilized Zone and to the other Federation factions. It is decided that a small force should enter Dallas and capture an infected person for further study. Naturally the person to lead this is Blade. Since the Force has been disbanded Blade takes along his buddies Hickok and Geronimo. Together with a small band of soldiers they enter the abandoned ruins of Dallas.

First they must survive attacks by giant lizards, giant cockroaches and giant spiders. Texas does everything big and mutants are no exception. They find out that the naked people are part of a cult known as the Chosen. Their deranged leader the Lawgiver has plans to spread his faith. Him and his Chosen have been driven insane by drinking chemically contaminated water they call the Elixir of Life that gives them the green spots. Now he hopes to convert the entire world starting with the Civilized Zone. Tankers are ready to sneak across the border and contaminate reservoirs. Only Blade, his buddies and an alliance with the surviving street gangs can stop their mad plan.

Naked cultists. Now that’s something I didn’t see coming. Its great to have Blade back traveling to new locations and fighting the narcissistic crazies that want to conquer the world. Great to have Blade back into his crazy adventures.


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