Copyright 1987.

Back in the second book Hickok at the beginning rescued an Indian woman and her young daughter from a group of men. Now that woman has recovered and tells a story of being from the Flathead tribe around Kalispell Montana. Her tribe is under attack by soldiers. She tells that the hospital in Kalispell is intact and probably has the equipment that Plato is looking for to cure the premature senility. Now Blade and Geronimo take off in the SEAL to Kalispell.

Hickok can’t come because a young sixteen year old named Shane has taken off to hunt the remaining Trolls. Shane wants to be a warrior and hopes to impress Hickok. Hickok rescues a young woman named Sherry from a Troll group that survived the Fox Run. He finds out that Shane was captured by the Moles. The Moles live in a large underground city called the Mound. Hickok and Sherry are captured by the Moles and together with Shane must escape the Mound.

While this is going on the power-monger that was hinted at decides to make his move. Napoleon the leader of Gamma Triad has grand delusions of using the Home as a base to conquer outlying settlement and form his own empire. It is now up to Rikki-Tikki-Tavi the leader of Beta triad to stop his plans.

Well a lot of stuff happens in this book. The series is really starting to pick up which is welcomed after the sedate pace of the first three books. The action starts to move outside of Minnesota. We find out that the Watchers are actually what’s left of the US Army now called the Army of Samuel. The government relocated to Denver and evacuated people to what became known as The Civilized Zone. The Civilized Zone consists of Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Southern Wyoming, Northern Texas, New Mexico and Eastern Arizona. Samuel Hyde the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare became President. He quickly clamped down and now the Civilized Zone is a dictatorship run by his son Samuel the Second.

We also find out about the Doktor. A crazed scientist building an army of genetic mutants at his fortress the Cheyenne Citadel. He’s the second most powerful man in the Civilized Zone. The Civilized Zone has plans to reconquer the outlands and know about the Home.

So it ends with everybody getting back safely. Blade and Geronimo find the needed supplies. Hickok has made an alliance with the Moles. It sets up of a future confrontation with the new threat from Samuel and the Doktor.


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