Copyright 1986.

Blade, Hickok, Geronimo, Bertha and Joshua after recovering from their injuries from their battle with the Watchers once again head out for the Twin Cities. This time they wisely avoid and large towns to avoid contact with the Watchers. They make it to the city without an incident. Once there they hide the SEAL and head out to the University of Minnesota at night. While on the way they are attacked by the Wacks. The crazy cannibalistic gang that is descended from inmates of a criminal insane asylum.

After the battle the group finds itself split up. Blade is captured by the Wacks and must fight their leader Clorg and a horrible mutant called Fant. Geronimo is forced into the sewers and must battle rats and a large alligator. Bertha is captured by her former gang the Nomads. Joshua is found by the Horns a gang descended from a fundamentalist church that refused to evacuate after the war. Hickok is captured by the Porns the gang descended from a pornographer and criminal that also refused to evacuate the city after the war. He takes on their leader Maggot.

The various gang has their wacky adventures and succeed in uniting the three sane factions with the promise of helping them relocate to northern Minnesota.

Finally the gang reaches the Twin cities and it is one big mess. Sad to see it fall on such hard times. I have and aunt an uncle that live there and it is a nice place with plenty of restaurants and shops. The Family doesn’t get the needed medical supplies but they have gained an ally with the inhabitants of the Twin Cities. It also brings up the question of what happened to most of the people in Minnesota. We learn that they were evacuated by the government after the war. Where did they go? Questions that will be answered in the next book.

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