Copyright 1992.

World War III is over and Captain Max Tag and his crew of the XM-F3 No Slack Too take a much needed vacation. Max and his girlfriend go to Hawaii before heading on a leisurely trip home to Montana. Yet this must come to an end and they report back for duty. They get assigned to go to Mongolia to train Mongol troops in the new Terrapin a new two man tank. The Chinese have decided to try and take Mongolia with the Russians now so weakened. Max finds himself now allied with his former enemy Colonel Yeshov and the First Guard Tank Army. While Max is only supposed to be an observer him and his crew are decisive in defeating the Chinese invasion and exposing their plan to use chemical and biological weapons.

I though the last book was the end of this series what with the Soviets being defeated. Yet the author had a few more books in him. I actually think this is the best of the series. It takes us out of the small part of Bavaria that the last four books took place in. It really needed a change of scenery for it was getting dull with the same battles being fought. Naturally at the beginning of 1992 the Soviet Union was finished and they were now America’s friends. Similarly the Chinese had just had the brutal Tiananmen Square massacre so they were the bad guys. I found the story interesting with these colorful Mongol characters and a new and exotic location. It ends with Max and his crew going to join this new international brigade to police trouble spots around the world. They really should have just stopped here while they were ahead as we will see in the concluding book.

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