A strange group of men invade Tarzan’s domain. Lead by Peter Zveri is consists of a ragtag mixture of whites, blacks, a Hindu, a Mexican and a Filipino. Zveri is a Soviet agent and his plan is twofold.

First his men will disguise themselves as French colonial troops and invade Italian Somaliland. They hope to provoke a war between Italy and France. Communist agents will agitate revolts in India and North Africa.

The second plan is to loot the treasure vaults of Opar. A solid plan but for two issues. Zveri has the unmarxist desire to use the treasure to set himself up as emperor of Africa. The second of course is Tarzan.

La high priestess of Opar has once again been overthrown by her people. Tarzan must now stop Zveri and restore La back to her rightful status in Opar. Once again Tarzan must battle evil outsiders invading his land along with Arab slavers, savage beasts and even more savage beastmen of Opar.

The fourteenth book finds Tarzan back in his beloved Africa. I like the international intrigue with the Communists. It adds a new dimension to his story. Of course La and Opar always make for a fun story. This will be the last that either makes an appearance in the Tarzan series.


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    Following on from the previous reblog – The Books That Time forgot – a great blog for reminding us of books that might be worth a revisit. I had a crush on Tarzan – well the several manifestations of him anyway – I also love chimpanzees so the thought of being swept away into the forest with Tarzan and his companions was quite stimulating at 12! Anyway suffice to say this little reminder has got the pacemaker ticking over this morning…. Pop into the blog and see if you can find one of your old favourites.

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