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Courtney Hewitt has survived WWIII. She managed to escape Minneapolis with her best friend Sally Ann. Sally Ann’s father who has a drinking problem and a boy who likes her named Billy. She also found a dog she named Gaga. Yet the countryside is filled with zombies. Soon the drunk father is killed but they pick up an eight year old girl named Sansa who lost her family. The group continues on to northern Minnesota and the survivalist compound they heard about on the radio. Along the way they not only fight zombies but a biker gang, a mutant bear, and the green chemical clouds that have a mind of their own. Billy is killed but they meet up with Gar from Arkansas. The group makes it to the compound and gets captured by some escaped convicts. Courtney manages to warn the compound and stop the convicts plans to take it over. As a reward Courtney and her friends are allowed to join the compound known as the Home.

The conclusion to the story of Courtney was a satisfying read. The story is a prequel to Robbin’s popular Endworld series. Courtney is the grandmother to Hickok and Gar I’m guessing is his grandfather. I know Robbins has revived his Endworld and this the third prequel he has done set in that universe. I hope he does some more because I am enjoying them. So the following is the blurb on the back cover:

Courtney Hewitt is having a bad week

First, World War III broke out. Then she lost contact with her family. Toxic chemical clouds appeared. So did dead people who crave to eat the living. As well as horrible mutations, bloodthirsty gangs, and outright crazies.

On the plus side, she found a dog.

You have to love a book that just says no matter how bad it gets everything will work out with a dog.