Copyright 1994.

A series of murders are taking place at Fort Dix New Jersey. Eyewitnesses report that the murderer came out of thin air to cut the victims throat. A sports reporter whose victim was a boyfriend of his niece convinces a senator from New Jersey to get Fox Mulder on the case. Mulder with his partner Dana Scully investigate the X-files, those cases were unexplained phenomenon is involved. Mulder and Scully soon uncover a military experiment to create a human chameleon as a deadly assassin. An assassin that has gone rogue.

I decided to dust off the old X-files books in honor of the series coming back to television. I always enjoyed this series with its spooky atmosphere, government conspiracies, monsters, alien and other weird paranormal phenomenon. I think the revival has done an excellent job of re-invigorating the series which I will admit was going downhill at the end.

The book Goblins is an ok read. Sort of a middle of the road TV episode. Charles Grant was probably not the right choice for writing for this series. I just wasn’t really engaged with the story. Not a real great start for the first book in this series.