Tarzan comes to the major settlement after receiving a message from his good friend D’Arnot. D’Arnot asks Tarzan to help look for Brian Gregory. Brian was lost while looking for a lost civilization that contains the Father of Diamonds. Tarzan agrees to help and finds out that he looks exactly like Brian.

Alan Thome is a shady character obsessed with finding the Father of Diamonds. He sees Tarzan and thinks that he is Brian. His agents try to capture Tarzan but finds out that is not something one does with ease. He easily defeats Thome’s minions and heads off with the Gregory safari. Thome follows with an agent placed in the Gregory safari.

Both safaris end up in a secret valley inhabited by a lost civilization of Phoenicians. There are two warring cities and Brian is held prisoner in an underwater temple. After fighting many foes Tarzan rescues his friends and Brian. They then discover the secret of the Father of Diamonds.

Well this is another Tarzan that finds a lost civilization. It’s also the second time that another character was a Tarzan lookalike. Still the story works. Its told in a different way with different characters. I thought it was another solid Tarzan book.





Tarzan begins the book on a mission of rescue or revenge if needed. The daughter of Muviro the chief of the Waziri has been kidnapped by the Kavuru. The Kavuru are a race of white savages that abduct young women.

While this goes on Jane is traveling on an airplane with her best friend and a Russian count and countess. The plane develops engine trouble and crashes in the jungle. Now the survivors have to make a trek back to civilization. All the while having the deal with the whining countess and the pompous arrogance of her husband.

The story takes both parties to the hidden city of the Kavuru city and their secret of immortality.

The nineteenth book in the series is another solid story. It was nice to see Jane again and she has grown to be a tough independent woman who takes charge of the survivors. She has learned much jungle craft from Tarzan and it comes in handy. Too bad this was her final appearance in the series. She was starting to develop into an interesting character.




Tarzan is injured in a storm and has amnesia. He is found by Orando of the Utengi. Orando convinces Tarzan that he is Muzimo a spirit of his dead ancestors. He enlists Tarzan in his quest for revenge against the Leopard Men.

The Leopard Men are a cult among the local tribesmen. They dress as Leopards and with steel claws ambush lone travelers and dismember them in their rituals. Orando’s brother fell to the Leopard Men and so begins the quest against the Leopard Men. A subplot has a girl whose safari abandoned her and being rescued by a poacher. Their paths cross with Tarzan and the Leopard Men.

The eighteenth book is the series is a welcome change of pace. No lost civilizations just the local African setting for this story. The Leopard Men are an interesting idea. A 1946 movie Tarzan and the Leopard Woman used idea. Otherwise it has no other link to the book. It is though a classic Weismuller movie.




A movie production has come to Tarzan’s jungle to film The Lion Man. Traveling in a convoy of ten ton trucks they enter the land of the Bansuto. The Bansuto are not very friendly to intruders and continually ambush the convoy as it travels through its lands. During one such attack the star Stanley Obrowski is taken prisoner.

Now Stanley is an exact double for Tarzan in looks if not courage. Lucky for him Tarzan decides to rescue him and takes him to a friendly missionary to recover. Approaching the production he is mistaken for Stanley and Tarzan decides to play along because it amuses him.

Later he must rescue a stuntwoman that was kidnapped by talking gorillas. It leads him to a city of talking gorillas named London and ruled by Henry the VIII. The place was created by a mad scientist who calls himself God and he has plans to eat Tarzan’s brain is his quest for immortality.

The seventeenth book in the series is a real treat. It satirizes the movie industry which Burroughs was unhappy with its interpretation of Tarzan. It also satirizes his own writing. The final chapter Hello, Hollywood! has Tarzan visit Tinseltown. As John Clayton he gets a screen test for the part of Tarzan. He is later deemed unsuitable for the part and gets cast in a minor role.




Tarzan is his travels comes upon another lost civilization the land of Onthat. It’s another civilization of white people of unknown origin. It is like most of these civilizations divided into two warring cities. Athne is the city of ivory and uses trained elephants. Cathne is the city of gold and uses trained lions.

Tarzan is captured by Cathne and brought before the queen Nemone. She is a very beautiful but cruel monarch. She develops an obsession with Tarzan and wants to make him her king. Tarzan has no interest in Nemone which enrages her. So begins Tarzans adventures in the city of gold. Gladiator fights, assassination attempts and the Byzantine conspiracies that abound in the city. It all comes to a conclusion that liberates the city for Nemone’s tyranny.

The sixteenth book in the series is another classic. Nemone is an excellent opponent for Tarzan. The story is interesting and fast paced. The civilization provides a fascinating background full of action and intrigue.

This is another great book in the series.




The book starts with several different characters starting out at different points and coming together. First is Lady Barbara Collins who is a sort of Amelia Earhart. She is flying to Cape Town when her plane develops engine trouble. She parachutes out and lands in Midian. It is populated by descendants from ancient Rome who were fleeing persecution for their Christian beliefs. They have a very fundamentalist old testament view. They also have through centuries of inbreeding become epileptic and deformed. Barbara finds a friend in Jezebel who is a beautiful girl and hated by her fellow Midians.

The second is Danny ‘Gunner’ Patrick. He is a mobster from Chicago who had to flee for crossing the wrong people. He meets a fellow traveler and strikes up a friendship with Lafayette Smith. Smith is a geologist going to Africa and Gunner decides to tag along figuring there aren’t any cops in Africa.

The third is Leon Stabutch a Soviet agent. Send by Stalin to avenge the death of their agent Zveri from the last book. He gets captured by a band of brigands run by Dominic Caprietro. Caprietro is a staunch Communist who was forced to desert the Italian army for fomenting mutiny.

Into this comes Tarzan on the trail of Carietro’s brigands who he has heard have been causing trouble. Through a series of adventures the various characters come together, find love and escape from the land of Midian. Tarzan defeats Stabutch and Africa is once again safe from Communism.

The fifteenth is any exciting book in the series. I love how Burroughs can bring together various plot threads. There is actually an appearance by Uncle Joe Stalin himself as a character. This is the only time that Burroughs ever used a real life character is his books.

Anyway this was another enjoyable book in the Tarzan series.




A strange group of men invade Tarzan’s domain. Lead by Peter Zveri is consists of a ragtag mixture of whites, blacks, a Hindu, a Mexican and a Filipino. Zveri is a Soviet agent and his plan is twofold.

First his men will disguise themselves as French colonial troops and invade Italian Somaliland. They hope to provoke a war between Italy and France. Communist agents will agitate revolts in India and North Africa.

The second plan is to loot the treasure vaults of Opar. A solid plan but for two issues. Zveri has the unmarxist desire to use the treasure to set himself up as emperor of Africa. The second of course is Tarzan.

La high priestess of Opar has once again been overthrown by her people. Tarzan must now stop Zveri and restore La back to her rightful status in Opar. Once again Tarzan must battle evil outsiders invading his land along with Arab slavers, savage beasts and even more savage beastmen of Opar.

The fourteenth book finds Tarzan back in his beloved Africa. I like the international intrigue with the Communists. It adds a new dimension to his story. Of course La and Opar always make for a fun story. This will be the last that either makes an appearance in the Tarzan series.