I started out this year with some pretty lofty goals. I was going to be a screenwriter. I actually wrote two screenplays. I registered them with the copyright office and entered them in a number of competitions. And I didn’t win any of them. Didn’t even make the quarter finalists. Failure.

Failure isn’t new to me in writing. Ten years ago I wrote a bunch of short stories. Sent them off to a number of magazines. The only thing I collected was a whole bunch of rejection slips. So I kind of gave up on short story writing and these stories just faded into obscurity.

Well this year I read a post from L.S Engler. She was looking for stories for a new publication called World Unknown Review. I looked around and found these old stories on a disk. I figured what the hell and submitted one.

This week I received an e-mail message that my story was actually accepted. It was a bit surreal. I am so used to failure I didn’t know what to think. A story I wrote will actually be in a publication that other people will read. I will get paid for it. A whole $15. Now I ran the numbers and this is unfortunately inadequate for my current living needs. So I can not quit my day job and must continue working inside a cubicle the size and shape of a coffin.

I always thought that I couldn’t call myself a writer until I actually sold something. Well that day has finally come. It wasn’t the hundreds of thousand of dollars I wanted. Still it is a success and I’ll take any success that I can get. Who knows maybe ten years from now I can actually call myself a screenwriter.



This is a general post with and my first that doesn’t deal with a book review. I decided to add some new pages to the blog. The first is an expanded about me. I figured with up to seventy now following I’d give a little more about me.

The second page is to promote my screenplay. I figured there might be some agent, director, producer or actor out there interested. I know its a real long shot but what the hell.