The second book in the Pellucidar series continues from where the first one ended. David Innes has found some help in getting the Iron Mole ready for a return trip. He stocks it with books and other equipment to help the primitive inhabitants break free of the Mahars.

David returns and finds that things aren’t going good for his empire. Old Hooja the Sly One has done a good job of stirring up dissent among the tribes. He has managed to gather the various malcontents into an army which he hopes to make himself emperor. To make matters worse Hooja has kidnapped David’s mate Dian. Now David must rescue his mate, reunite his followers and defeat Hooja and the Mahars.

Another solid entry in the Pellucidar series. The threads left hanging in the first book are resolved and a very satisfying happy ending. The next books in this series are probably some of the finest examples in Burrough’s writing.




David Innes has just inherited a mine and has decided to fund an invention by his friend Abner Perry. The Iron Mole is a machine that can tunnel through the ground. On the test run the Iron Mole’s steering mechanism malfunctions and it looks like they are headed toward a fiery death.

Instead the mole breaks through into a world of eternal sunshine. They discover that the Earth is hollow with the sun suspended in the middle due to the equal pull of gravity. This world Pellucidar is a world of dinosaurs and savage cave men.

The two are captured by ape men called Sagoths that serve the Mahars. Mahars are intelligent winged reptile creatures that rule this world. A series of adventures find our heroes escaping the Mahar city and organizing the various human tribes into an effective resistance to the Mahars. Along the way David defeats Jubal the Ugly One and wins the love of Dian the Beautiful.

David decides to go back to the surface to obtain knowledge to help the primitive people’s of Pellucidar. Instead he is betrayed by Hooja the Sly One and a Mahar is onboard the Iron Mole. David breaks through in the Sahara and it ends with his fate in doubt.

Now any physicist or geologist will tell you that Pellucidar is an impossible to the laws of physics. Lucky I am neither and will tell you that this is a great book. Burrough’s imagination has once again conceived of a unique world with adventure and romance. This book screams for a sequel and doesn’t disappoint in that regards.

For those too lazy a movie in the 70’s was made. Its cheezy as hell but faithful to the book. Caroline Munro in the sexy cave girl outfit is worth it.

Insightful commentary on the trailer.