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TARZAN AND THE GREAT WAR by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Tarzan is in the Kasbah looking for leads to his wife Jane who was taken by Germans. After meeting a man who had no information he is contacted by French intelligence. They want to use him in exposing a group of traitors selling secrets to the Germans. Soon after the head of intelligence is murdered and Tarzan is battling the traitors with the help of an Englishman who had come to strip Tarzan of his title and fortune for the war effort.


A story told by Mok who is an intelligent Sagoth in the service of David Innes. Mok was experimented on by the Mahars and is the only intelligent Sagoth. While visiting Kolk the king of Thuria in the Land of Awful Shadow a woman with wings falls from the sky. She is an inhabitant of the Dead World. Her people are under attack by the Mahars who have fled to the moon after being defeated. Mok is the only one who can communicate with her since she uses the same language as the Mahars. They have an adventure with a storm and hostile island natives. The woman falls in love with the kings son.

SCORPION MEN OF VENUS by Richard A. Lupoff

Carson and Duare are under attack by scorpion men and flying snakes when they are rescued by a mysterious flying ship. It takes them to a complex run by Dr. Bodog and his daughter and son. Bodog comes from Earth and the continent that sank in the Pacific ocean centuries ago. He is also insane and plans to take over the Earth. He goes back with Carson and his daughter who Carson has fallen in love with and land in Los Angeles during a football game.


The writer is in an Arizona cabin that was used by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He meets John Carter and convinces him to tell the story after he defeated Hin Abtol. So Carter starts the search for Tan Hadron who disappeared when mutineers took him. From criminals in Zodanga he learns of another underground sea at the north pole. In the city of Ayathor he finds Hin Abtol continuing his plans of world conquest with another large army of men frozen. He finds Tan Hadron and with another rebel manage to overthrow him.

APACHE LAWMAN by Ralph Roberts

Shoz-Djiji the Apache Devil has settled down in the white man’s world. He manages the ranch of his love Wichita Billings. One day Marshal Fast Sam Dawson comes and offers Shoz a job as a deputy sheriff. Seems another renegade Apache has learned from the white-eyes and plans to take over the territorial government. He manages to stop his plans.


The story of Nah-ee-lah when she came to Earth. At first she is a celebrity and hounded by the press. Later the Kalkars those commie moon men invade. When her husband dies while killing Orthis she and her young son hide out in Canada. They are pursued by Orthis’s woman and her son for revenge.

TARZAN AND THE MARTIAN INVADERS by Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah A. Hoyt

Tarzan is at his English manor when he comes across writing from his ancestor who sailed with Drake. He finds out that Martians are coming to invade in Africa where he was born and raised. He goes back and gathers the apes and other animals to fight these tentacled invaders who can control the minds of men.

THE TWO BILLYS A MUCKER STORY by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens

Billy Byrne has made the ultimate sacrifice by leaving his love Barbara Harding. He soon after gets a message from her that her fiance was kidnapped. So Billy goes off into the Chicago underworld to get him back.

TO THE NEAREST PLANET as told to Todd McCaffrey

The author buys an old typewriter and Edgar Rice Burroughs used. It starts typing and tells the story of Tangor and his trip from Poloda to find another world free of Kapars. The first world they come to Tonos. This world was destroyed in a war and now run by a computer. The remaining people are dying off until he educates them on how to run the machines on the world.

THE DEAD WORLD as related by David Innes to F. Paul Wilson via Gridley wave

David Innes is visiting Thuria when a meteor strikes. It releases a deadly spore that soon takes over the Land of Awful Shadow and starts spewing poisonous gas. David with Perry and Koort the young son of the king of Thuria go by balloon to the Dead World. They find out that the moon is really an artificial ship created by ancient aliens that created Pellucidar. Now they are returning and terraforming Pellucidar. David and friend have to battle cleaning robots to stop the plan.


Tarzan is coming back from Pellucidar in the O-220 when a story blows the ship to the southern hemisphere and crashes into the ocean. The only survivors are Tarzan, Captain Zuppner and a young Pellucidarian girl named Zamona. The make it to Caspak and battle cannibals that fly pterodactyls. Zuppner and Zamona decide to stay as Tarzan searches for a way home.

This was a cool idea for an anthology. Getting a bunch of writer together and put out stories from the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. They manage to cover all the base with not only Tarzan and John Carter but Pellucidar and Venus. They also get stories from Burrough’s lesser know works like the Moon Men, Apache Devil the Mucker and Caspak. They even had the continuing story from Beyond the Farthest Star. Many of the writers did a good job of emulating Burroughs. Even using the various first person narratives. Some like the martian invaders or the second Pellucidar story did not feel like something Burroughs would have written but were still entertaining.

The only story I didn’t care for was Lupoff’s Carson story. It was very un-Burroughs like to have Carson and Duare so quickly fall out of love. The romance that Burroughs wrote was one of the strong points to his writing and he just casually has them switch partners. It also just ended like it was only halfway through the story. I suppose there might be a continuation but I found it a complete waste of time. In spite of this story the others made this book a worthy effort.




This book is two stories on the continuing reincarnations of Julian from the Moon Maid.

The Moon Men

Several years after Julian makes it back to Earth his arch nemesis Orthis arrives with an invasion fleet of Kalkars from the Moon. Julian takes the small defense fleet that Earth has into battle. It is destroyed but not before killing Orthis. The Kalkars are able to conquer Earth with no opposition and implement their form of Socialist government.

Several generations later Julian is reincarnated in Chicago. This future is a very grim place. The Kalkars ineptitude and ignorance have reduced society to a medieval level. Americans are little more than serfs under the Kalkars. Julian 9th lives with his parents and toils for the brutal overlords. One day he rescues a young woman from vicious hellhounds. What follows is the typical Burroughs love story and a failed uprising against the Kalkars.

The Red Hawk

Several generations later and Julian is reincarnated as Red Hawk. Red Hawk has become chief after his fathers death. The tribe lives as the old American Indians of old in the deserts of Arizona. The Kalkars have been driven to their last stronghold in the ruins of Los Angeles.

Red Hawk decides to lead his people once and for all to drive the Kalkars into the sea. Taking the whole tribe they go to California. There he is captured by the Kalkars but escapes. His adventures united him with a woman that is the descendant of Orthis. They encounter strange peoples and eventually drive the Kalkars into the sea. Red Hawk marries the descendant of Orthis ending the centuries feud.

The next two stories in the Moon series really takes it in a completely different direction. The story was originally envisioned as a Soviet takeover and titled Under the Red Flag.He was apparently several decades ahead of his time. He changed it to communist like Kalkars from the Moon. This is a different story that tackles themes as communism, pacifism, patriotism. The themes are still relevant today. Plus it is also a very good story with plenty of adventure and romance.




It is the far future of 1967 and a great war is finally over. A man on an airship gets into a conversation with his fellow passenger. This passenger is aware of past and future reincarnations of himself. He tells the story of his future incarnation Julian the fifth.

The year is 2024 and Earth has launched a ship to reach Mars. Unfortunately the inventory of the ship Orthis is upset that he is not in command. While drunk he damages the ship and it is forced to land on the Moon. It descends through a crater and into an inhabited world inside the Moon.

Julian and Orthis are captured by the Vargas, a centaur race of people. While captive Julian is introduced to another captive Nah-ee-lah. She is a princess in the last free city in the Moon. They escape to her city and defeat an attempted coup against her father. Just at the moment of victory the city is attacked by the Kalkars. Orthis has armed the Kalkars with modern cannons and they destroy the city. Julian and Nah-ee-lah find the ship repaired and escape to Earth.

This is the first of three stories about the moon men. Its another fascinating world that Burroughs are created. It is the next two stories that get really interesting.