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C.A.D.S. has successfully rescued the President from Washington and are now heading back to White Sands. First they have to deal with some cannibalistic mutants at a farmhouse. Then a Soviet squad of helicopters but they do manage to make it to the base. There they find a coup has taken place and must then defeat the rebels. After getting settled in Col Dean Sturgis and his Omega Force must go out on another mission. Intelligence points that the Soviets plan to use the port at Charleston, South Carolina as a major launch point to conquer America. So the C.A.D.S. force must travel back to the east coast and destroy the Soviet ships coming into port. Along the way they meet a corrupt industrialist named Pinky Ellis and have to fight his men. Than at Charleston they use the suits to go underwater and destroy the Soviet transports and naval vessels. After that success they find a base for their East Coast operations deep in the Okefenokee Swamp. An old island called Refuge Island where escaped slaves during pre-Civil War days established a society. First they must defeat some evil cannibalistic swamp scum and free their captive women.

So the second book sees Ryder Syvertson take over the series all by himself. Jan Stacy moved on to do the balls to the walls wacko series The Last Ranger. Definitely worth checking out as Ryder got rid of Sturgis’s pitbull named Excaliber. Which I’m sure was a Stacy creation but you can read about this goofy human-dog relationship in his series.

Actually I think Syvertson may have been the better writer. I really enjoyed this second book much better than the first. It seems more focused and flowed better. Still it has all the elements you expect from a book from this time. The villains are truly loathsome. Pinky Ellis a corrupt industrialist is super fat, cheated the government with his substandard equipment and sold to the Russians. He also keeps a woman as a sex slave and his just a general A-hole. The Soviets are deliciously evil and decadent. Supreme Marshal Veloshnikov takes glee in seeing all the dead Americans from the neutron bombing of Charleston. He berates some of his men for not showing the same glee. He also goes on about the Capitalist waste of Americans but insists on taking a palatial mansion that reminds him of Tara for his personal HQ. The Greysuit general Petrin spends his time in a townhouse in Georgetown playing looted video games and watching movies. They condemn the American lifestyle but insist on living it.

The heroes are also a bit over the top. The resistance called the Revengers are hillbillies that Sturgis has to convince to not feud with one another and fight the Russians. A TV televangelist who is secretly passing on intelligence using a code that is linked to biblical scripture. Of course Dean the leader is always worrying about his wife Robyn but finds time to go to poundtown with a young hillbilly sexpot. Oh and the C.A.D.S. suits in addition to flying can also go underwater. This is a classic series.



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Christmas Eve 1997. The Soviets decide to launch a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the U.S. Using their advanced technology they can track every nuclear sub and take them out. Their satellites knock out America’s early warning satellites. Laser defenses are to knock out America’s response. The attack succeeds with a resounding victory for the Soviets. They do lose Leningrad and nineteen other cities but they complete pound America into the ground. Now hordes of Soviet troops are invading the east coast. The President and his cabinet are trapped in the war room beneath the White House in a neutron bombed Washington.

Yet there is one force still around to fight the Soviets. At the secret base in White Sands, New Mexico are the C.A.D.S. or Computerized Attack/Defense System. Seven foot tall armored suits designed to function in a post-nuclear environment. Armed with machine guns, liquid plastic flamethrowers, darts and e-balls they are formidable weapons. Under Colonel Dean Sturgis U.S.A.F the C.A.D.S. head out to Washington to rescue the President. Their trip is across a nuked out America with the various hordes of crazies, rapists and murderers that these apocalypses usually bring out. They make it to Washington were the President is besieged by Soviets including their own version of giant battlesuits called the Grey Suits. An epic battle ensues for the future of America.

So back in the eighties I found this series. Looking at it doesn’t look all that exciting. The title sound like some kind of computer program and the cover is a nondescript picture of some futuristic laser handgun. Well luckily for me I did check it out and read on the back Soviets invading after a nuclear war. So I grabbed that up right away because that was my thing back then. In it was a fun exciting action packed story. The Soviets are their typical evil and decadent selves. The main baddie is a Marshal Veloshnikov has a personal grudge against the Americans for killing his family in the bombing of north Vietnam during the war. Now he sits in this huge sub called the Lenin stocked with women and delicacies. They have parties that Caligula would probably find a bit too much.

This book was written by the team of Syvertson Ryder and Jan Stacy. The duo that brought us the awesome Doomsday Warrior series. In fact this could be a prequel to that series. Soviets launch a surprise attack and conquer the world. A brave group of American resistance fighters operating out of a secret underground base in the west. The main leader is the quintessential alpha male. Sturgis has a wife named Robin who has a subplot of her surviving after the war and Sturgis always worrying about finding her. Yet he does have time at a rest in West Virginia to have sex with a beautiful eighteen year old virgin. I mean this guy is just too manly to be contained. Just like Ted Rockson from the Doomsday Warrior.

Yes the whole concept of the Soviets launching an amphibious assault across the Atlantic is absurd. Yet it is a fun goofyness that I loved as a teen back in those days. So instead of mutant creatures you get seven foot tall flying computer suits armed to the teeth. Otherwise it is the Doomsday Warrior. It isn’t as good but then again what is.



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The Globalist conspiracy to form a one world government is meeting with success. The alien KI and their Russian allies have attacked the minor governments of Britain and Spain effectively destroying their opposition. The major powers of the U.S., New Germany and Australia stand down and let them take over thanks to the puppet leaders of these nation. Yet the Rourke family is now ready to take the fight to the enemy. After faking their deaths they with their followers are now safely hidden in Retreat II in Missouri. Already an alliance is forming with a faction of the KI. Also they have the mysterious alien Keeper on their side. Yet they have to fight off a kooky religious group in Missouri. Rourke goes to search for a third Chinese city that survived the Night of the War. There he finds allies in the fight for freedom.

So there is some sad news to announce. Bob Anderson the main writer for the revived series has passed away. He died of heart complication on January 31 at 72. Without him I don’t know what the future for this series holds. I have enjoyed the new books. Sure they go off on some weird tangents and meander along in plot but they were always interesting and entertaining. He did get the characters of the Rourke family right and the stories still felt like Survivalist books because of that. It seems poignant that he ended with a tribute to his Air Force buddy that just recently died. He based the alien Keeper on him. He writes “Allen, I’ll see you when I see you, old friend.”

Rest in Peace.



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John Firecloud the leader of the resistance against the Neo-Nazis National Front are enjoying their recent victory. At night three men try to kill Firecloud a.k.a. Swampmaster. The three men are part of the Seminole tribe. Yet they are addicts to Livewire a drug manufactured in Cuba. The addicts were put up to betraying their people by a drug lord named Bootjack. Swampmaster and his people track the traitors to Bootjack’s hideout. What follows is a boring long chase. Automatic weapon fire is ineffective against a guy on a motorcycle so Swampmaster and his brother Coonan just decide to drive up next to the guy, drag him off the cycle and stick a knife in his throat. Bootjack gets away.

At Bootjack’s former hideout they discover an insidious alliance being formed. Bootjack the major drug dealer in Florida is uniting with Andonis Morfesis an organized kingpin from New York, The Cubans and the National Front. The NF will give these criminals free reign to sell their drugs in exchange for a cut and not to sell to NF personal. So the group finds out about the meeting at Disney World and with the help of a Free State Union operative they get an airplane and parachute in. Once there they find out all four groups were planning to double cross each other and a free for all ensues.

So this crime against literature ends with the third and final book in the “Mega-Mayhem Action Series.” Once again a convoluted plot involving various evil doers getting together and betraying each other. At Disney World no less. There seems to be something about Disney theme parks and post-apocalypse stories. There are several books that have either Disneyland or Disney World as major gathering points for the forces of evil. The story alternated between boring and batshit nuts. Everyone in it is just so over the top. We have Groll the head NF who continually drools ropey saliva out of his mouth. Apparently he has turned Disney into his personal playground naming the Castle after himself and putting his face on every character image including the princesses in the park. One character compared it to intruding on a mental patient in his padded cell playing with himself.

Then there is our main hero. A guy who wouldn’t ever be mistaken for a cigar store Indian because a cigar store Indian is less wooden and has more personality. He is always stoic and refuses to make light of anything. When he knifes a guy and his brother makes a humorous quip he replies, ” I don’t make light of the killing. It turns my stomach.” Geez come on. That’s a staple of the action genre to make pithy humorous statements after killing someone. Then there is the whole goofy crew including twin acrobatic dwarves and an obsessive compulsive.

This was one of the many attempts to start a new post-nuke series after the collapse of the Cold War. Many only lasted for a few books. I’m surprised this series lasted so long. It’s poorly written and has an absurd premise. I recommend for only hardcore case like me that love to read this stuff.



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Swampmaster after rescuing a scientist from the National Front, those Neo-Nazis that now rule Florida, decides to ambush a supply convoy. This is accomplished with ease except one of the guys Zeno the knife thrower gets wounded. Not to worry as Swampmaster after a minor tussle with the mutant White Trash gets him to treatment. They also deliver tons of uncontaminated food supplies to the regular people. Yet those evil NF under Commandant Groll and Lt. Varnum Slade continue to plan evil. They have established on an old oil rig out in the Gulf Project Life Harvest. They are conducting experiments on the White Trash to have them be mentally controlled by someone. This amuses Groll who can now control a fearsome giant that he names Jargal the Enforcer.

Well Swampmaster and his girlfriend are later captured while scouting this rig. So Groll now gets to have an exhibition where him controlling Jargal the Enforcer can fight Swampmaster in an arena. So anyway stuff happens. Swampmaster’s adopted white brother Bill Coonan was pretending to work for the NF and infiltrates the Marcus twins. They defeat Jargal and the NF while blowing up the oil rig.

So the crap train known as Swampmaster gets its second book in this exciting “Mega-Mayhem action series.” Once again it is just an atrocious piece of writing. So now Groll gets to drool all over the place with his salivatory gland disorder. We have another fun scene where he is playing a video game called Final Solution. He gets to play Dr. Joseph Mengele running a concentration camp. Of course his drooling wrecks the game and he takes it out on the scientist Yar Guderian. Because Guderian dared to point out he needs to use the keyboard protector or his drool will wreck the computer. So his punishment is to kneel in front of Groll and get his teeth kicked in. (Wow I hope the NF has a good dental plan. Sounds like you need it working for them.)

Then of course we get such quality writing as this passage from the mind of Varnum Slade as he observes a woman that turns him on.

Angela was in Slade’s estimate the paragon of femininity. A Nordic woman of substance. Her lushly fertile breasts would one day produce oceans of milk for an army of blue-eyed children. The lift and sway of her hard, thick legs and buttocks as she proceeded down the hall in her skintight warder’s uniform aroused his lust and made him want to let her dominate him entirely. Like the Valkyries of myth, she was transporting Slade to realms beyond.

Ah but it gets better in the chapter. As he confronts Saralyn the Swampmaster’s girlfriend she manages to bit off his middle finger.

Saralyn let her jaw slacken and Slade stumbled away, his right hand coming up covered in blood, his middle finger reduced to a shoot of naked white bone above the upper joint. Saralyn spat twice to expel the rest of it. His bloody fingernail ticked against the wall.

Yes this is the quality writing of the series. A mishmash of unlikable characters and rambling plot that alternates between boring and utterly ridiculous. This is just a rich reading experience.



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Sometime in 1997 the white supremacist groups managed to take over twenty western and mid-western state. Then they succeeded and fought a civil war with nuclear weapons. What became known as Revolution II fragmented the country into four factions. The National Front the neo-Nazis faction later invaded Florida using nuclear weapons and now occupies it. From this arises John Firecloud a Seminole who is trained to be a shaman. With his compound bow he starts a resistance. His first act is to ambush a helicopter which he than hides. This is important later.

So the NF under Commandant Joseph Groll who heads the occupation of Florida has a plan. His operative has placed several bio-nukes, nukes that combine with the Black Plague to destroy Atlanta.(Yeah the science behind this goes over my head too.) Atlanta happens to be the capital of the Free State Union which controls the south. It is scheduled to host a Tri-territorial summit between the non-NF states of Texas and the Japanese controlled east coast.(I guess the early nineties Japan looked like they would take over everything.)

The plan to stop this. Firecloud needs to rescue the captive FSU scientist that developed the bio-nuke from a NF fortress. They need someone to fly the helicopter Firecloud has. Luckily a pilot is part of Groll’s carnival as a knife thrower. So together with his beautiful Chinese-American girlfriend and two acrobatic dwarf twins named Marcus One and Marcus Two the group infiltrates the train carrying the carnival and frees the pilot. Then they assault the fortress with it. Unfortunately the NF knows they are coming because of a traitor but that doesn’t matter because Firecloud is so awesome. He throws one of the elite NF ambushers out the window and the others flee taking the scientist. A helicopter chase later and the scientist is free and Free Atlanta is saved.

Wow this book is bad. It is gloriously bad. The Seminole John Firecloud is the perfect sensitive man. He doesn’t like using guns because they can kill so easily. Yet he knows how to use them and does. He also has feelings of guilt for everyone he kills but still kills them. Then there’s the bad guys. First you have mutants known as White Trash going around killing and raping. Apparently only white people are effected by the fallout. These guys make the ones in Deliverance look like Rhodes Scholars.

Then you have the National Front which is clearly evil Nazis. To emphasize this they use a swastika and their commandant has a picture of Heinrich Himmler in his office. The Commandant Groll has this salivatory gland disorder that makes him constantly drool buckets. He likes to sit in his office and play with his dioramas of carnivals. The second in command Lt. Varnum Slade (apparently the NF has a small officer pool to have a lieutenant as second in command) is your typical Aryan sadist. Then the whole elements were just obsurd. Like how does a country based in the west and mid-west have access to invade Florida. Let’s not forget the bio-nuke which we find out at the end isn’t real. The scientist faked it because the NF were determined to have this. I mean the bombs they planted were real nukes but couldn’t spread plague. Of course by this time the reader could care less. This was a rich reading experience. What’s more is two more books were written in this series and they were also winners as we will see in future posts.




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Courtney Hewitt has survived WWIII. She managed to escape Minneapolis with her best friend Sally Ann. Sally Ann’s father who has a drinking problem and a boy who likes her named Billy. She also found a dog she named Gaga. Yet the countryside is filled with zombies. Soon the drunk father is killed but they pick up an eight year old girl named Sansa who lost her family. The group continues on to northern Minnesota and the survivalist compound they heard about on the radio. Along the way they not only fight zombies but a biker gang, a mutant bear, and the green chemical clouds that have a mind of their own. Billy is killed but they meet up with Gar from Arkansas. The group makes it to the compound and gets captured by some escaped convicts. Courtney manages to warn the compound and stop the convicts plans…

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