Copyright 1984.

Traveler has come to northern California in search of two men he has to kill. One is the mutant Black Rider that has sworn to kill Traveler. The other is Colonel Vallone his former C.O. from his army days. There are rumors of a secret military base in the area with both these guys conducting experiments to create an army of genetic mutants to conquer what’s left of America. Traveler gets into a fight with some former escaped experiments called Cen Cars. A biological fusion of men into a living car with wheels. After killing the leader with his Meat Wagon, Traveler becomes the herds leader which will come in handy later. He then hooks up with a religious community let by a mysterious prophet Brother John. He helps them fight off attacks from the local Glory Boys and their various mutant creatures. An expedition to their secret underground base leads to a final confrontation with Traveler’s enemies and the destruction of their plans.

This is one fun book in the series. Traveler travels to California and battles some kooky genetic mutants. We get a visit from his old pal Shumi the Buddhist monk that rides a giant Siamese cat. There was a lot of humor in this book. Especially the way he took out Vallone. Involves a jar of Vaseline and a stick of dynamite. The Black Rider ends up a victim of his bizarre living land he created. Ends with Traveler getting a companion by the name of Link a former Green Beret. John Shirley the writer of this book was really getting the hang of this series.

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