So this Tuesday was another Rifftrax Live. First off we start with a short called “Its your Accident.” Another one about the horrors of workplace accidents from the sixties. This one has Mike who works at a factory and is having a bad day. So bad the machine he works on cuts off some of his fingers. So he gets shamed by some guy who posted a mirror on the wall. Luckily his daughter salts tomatoes for him to eat. Ends with some horsing around with a forklift and I guess we are now all aware of the possibilities of workplace accidents.

Then we get to the main movie. It starts at the famous Amityville house. A group of priests come armed with holy water and bibles to cleanse the place of Satan. They seem to have succeeded but one young priest gets thrown into a wall by some godawful tree lamb.

One evil lamp.

So in celebration they have a yard sale and sell all the furniture. An old woman decides to pay $100 for this ugly lamp to give to her sister in California. We then cut to this nice house on a cliff where Jane Wyatt the sister lives. At this time her daughter Patty Duke and her three kids arrive. She is staying with her mother after her husband recently died. They all arrive just in time to see the new lamp gift. Needless to say this lamp is still possessed by Satan and starts it’s evil ways.

OOOHH!! An ugly lamp. Hope it’s not possessed by Satan.

It starts off by working on the youngest daughter who is vulnerable by coming to her in the guise of her deceased father. Then it starts some other fun. Like taking the pet bird and roasting it in the toaster oven. Then the dull witted son almost kills his grandmother with a possessed chainsaw.

Help! I’m too dumb to figure out a chainsaw.

Then other fun stuff starts to happen. The garbage disposal doesn’t work and a helpful teen gets his hand ground off while fixing it. A plumber gets in the crawlspace and a beam collapses on him. Then the pipe bursts and drowns him in black sludge. Although he does find the missing hand.

Literally gives a hand.
Plumber dies in the line of duty. They never found the body.

The evil lamp continues it’s reign of terror by then killing the grandmother’s friend. The young priest gets out of the hospital and comes to help out. By then it is too late for the lamp has taken possession of the young daughter. A big fight ensues with the possessed daughter floating around and stabbing the priest in the shoulder. All ends well when the grandmother picks up the lamp and tosses it over the cliff. Everything goes back to normal except they never did figure out the plumber was still down in the crawlspace. I suppose the smell would eventually attract their attention. Oh yeah and the cat Pepper gets possessed so it leaves open the idea of another sequel.

I could see Satan possessing a cat.

This was the fourth Amityville in a series of about 20 or 30 done so far. I never seen the original but I hear it is a well respected horror film. Needless to say any success in the entertainment industry is beaten to death. For a made for TV movie in the late eighties this wasn’t that bad. It does have a charm to it. This was a great idea to riff over the Halloween week. The idea of this evil lamp that was just ugly as hell was a perfect fit. I really am glad that Rifftrax is back and look forward to new movies next year.

Priest smacking down Satan.

Here is the trailer.


  1. rdfranciswriter

    This is PERFECT for Rifftrax. It deserves a good ripping! We journeyed through those 40-some odd flicks you mention, over at B&S About Movies. It’s a journey I do not recommend. Like after, Part 4, no more . . . lol. Dude, it’s down to Sharks and Ouija boards! No joke.

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