Copyright 1993.

The United Americans have successfully liberated the country and defeated the army of the Asian Mercenary Cult. Yet their fleet of battleships is still out there causing trouble. Hawk Hunter gathers an expeditionary force made up of a fleet of C-5 transports and heads off to Asia. Hearing distress calls from Vietnam they arrive and find a huge war going on for the southern part of the country. The Capitalist Communist Inc. or CAPCOM for short is trying to conquer the southern part. Hawk and his C-5 are shot down and forced to land at Khe Sanh. This outpost is defended by a small garrison of French Foreign Legionnaires and other assorted mercenaries. Thanks to the vastly superior firepower of the Americans they successfully fight off the Viet Minx(what the CAPCOM army is known as). Then building from parts of other planes manage to escape to Da Nang.

At Da Nang they are reunited with the other members of the expeditionary force and the various foreign mercenary contingents fighting for the democratic south. Once again the firepower and ingenuity of the United Americans defeat the Viet Minx armies trying to take the city. Yet they have to face the facts that the Viet Minx are overwhelming and will soon overrun the south. So Hunter devises an ingenious plan to destroy the central bank in Hanoi and thus deprive CAPCOM of financing their mercenary army. Apparently combining Communism with Capitalism they don’t know the idea of diversifying their assets. Anyway the south is free and Hunter manages to track down where the leadership of the Mercenary Cult is located. He arrives in a C-5 at Baikonur in Kazakhstan and sees the terrorist Victor Robotov take off in a space shuttle.

The goofy series continues with them now refighting the Vietnam war. This time against this combo Capitalist Communist organization. Apparently they sell individuals an army and they are responsible for conquering territory and get reimbursed for losses. You can even get a free toaster oven if you purchase 5,000 soldiers. What a goofy way to run a war. You do find out why they are mounting this expedition. Seems Hunter gives a speech after someone asks if they should be the world’s policeman. He says that as long as someone in the world isn’t free then they have to get involved. It is what Americans do to a teary eyed crowd. Yeah that didn’t age well.

So you get plenty of goofy over the top action with C-5 transports armed with Gatling guns, cannons and air to air missiles fighting off MIG-25’s, sinking battleships and blowing apart whole armies. Basically your typical kooky action in this post-WWIII world. We find out at the end that the evil terrorist Victor is still alive and going into outer space which is setup for the next adventure.


      • rdfranciswriter

        Yes, so right. Album covers are the same way. I always remember David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers. That’s the most-perfect example of me being hooked by the book art. It’s now, as you mentioned online marketing, a lost art form.

        The argument carries over to album covers. Only, the books were good. Most times — the metal genre — the music, stunk.

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