Copyright 1989.

America is finally united and the Soviet puppet Circle is soundly defeated. Yet the country is a mess and the provisional United American government has its hands full rebuilding. There are rumors that the Panama Canal is still intact and Hawk Hunter goes to New Orleans to investigate. He talks to a man who claims to have been there and tells that the canal is run by Nazis that are obsessed with collecting gold. So Hunter takes off to Central America which is now known as Big Banana. There he finds the Twisted Cross a Nazis organization is extorting gold for passage through the canal. They also have mined the canal with nuclear explosives. Hunter has to find an expert that designed these explosives so they can be disarmed. America needs the canal to ship supplies from the west to rebuild the east.

So he rescues the doctor from some skinheads in Texas and finds out his daughter Elizabeth Sandlake was taken. She is a noted anthropologist who recently discovered new Mayan caverns that hold gold. The Twisted Cross needs this because they have this grand plan to corner the market in gold and from this rule the world. Hawk’s adventures find him meeting an American mercenary group known as CATS(Central American Tactical Squad) and some warrior monks. With the United Americans pretending to negotiate a mutual nonaggression pact they manage to ambush the Nazis and disarm the canal. Hunter rescues Elizabeth and once again defeats the enemies of America.

Now we move from Soviets and their criminal allies to Nazis as the main villains in this book. The Nazis would soon play a predominate villain in the series going forward. Now really explained how these Nazis came about but like most stuff in this series you just go with it. They do make excellent villains. Also introduces Elizabeth Sandlake who becomes a major villain in the series. She starts out this decent woman but somewhere along the line she goes nuts. She also develops this hypnotic power over people which we start to see develop in this book. Once again you just go with it. A strange development for a very strange series. I do love this series. It is just so off the wall nuts to be a fun and entertaining ride.

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