Copyright 1987.

Victor the architect of the Circle War has escaped to the Middle East. Hawk Hunter and his F-16 are hot on his trail. He finds out that Victor is known as Lucifer in Europe and the Middle East. He has amassed a million man army in Saudi Arabia with Soviet backing. Once again the terrorist is sowing chaos for his Soviet masters. Hunter links up with an RAF contingent and finds out the Modern Knights the rulers of Western Europe are assembling a mercenary army to fight Lucifer. WWIII is about to heat up and Sir Neal has a bold plan. He is going to hire a group of mercenaries and tow the disabled aircraft carrier USS Saratoga across the Med to the Suez Canal. There he will hold off Lucifer’s army from breaking out into the Mediterranean Sea. The trip sees Hunter and the group battle the Red Army Faction in Southern France. The Holy Sardinian Empire. The Sidra-Benghazi gang and scores of airplanes and submarines to get to the Suez. There they have an epic battle against an overwhelming force that will determine the fate of Europe.

So Maloney takes his hero to the Mediterranean for his next book. We find out like America, Europe and the Middle East are one goofy ass place after WWIII. He has an eclectic group of people on this great crusade that involves the improbable feat of towing an aircraft carrier across the Med. Yes once again there is a boat load of improbable feats accomplished in this book. Once again the reader just doesn’t care. You are caught up in the fun story. Maloney obviously knows the point is the story and not realism. You have the good guys overcoming and defeating the evil guys against incredible odds. You root for these underdogs and get a satisfying ending. Lucifer gets killed by Nazis at the end which foreshadows some future bad guys. So just sit back and enjoy the fun.


  1. Steve

    Well, after weeks of reading your reviews of the Wingman series, I had to give the books a shot! I am so glad that I did. It’s a ton of fun. I really enjoy your blogs. It always makes me smile to find one in my “Inbox.” I hope you never stop blogging! You are one of my favorites and I truly appreciate what you do. Thank you! Steve

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