Copyright 1989.

Rosie Shepherd of the Patriots is working with Tom Ashbrooke to get David Holden out of Peru. Ashbrooke uses his contacts with Mossad to mount a rescue operation. A commando force is infiltrated to attack the drug compound of Innocentio Hernandez. Back in Illinois Geoffrey Kearney has managed to infiltrate a mental hospital that is a front for the FLNA. He destroys the place and rescues the wife of the mid-western leader which will get him closer to finding Dmitri Borsoi and killing him. David Holden has decided to take on Hernandez himself and attacks the compound. He meets up with Rosie and the Mossad commandos while getting his revenge on Hernandez.

This book finally gets Holden rescued from Peru which means he will be back to having more adventures back in the U.S. of A. Thomas Ashbrooke is established as a major character with his ties to smugglers and Mossad. The Israelis as well as the British are concerned about the deteriorating situation in America. I found that the subplot with Kearney the British agent was to most interesting story going on. I love that there is a disclaimer at the front warning not to try the method he used to destroy the mental hospital as it is extremely dangerous. Yeah that will work to deter someone. Still I guess you have to cover your ass legally.

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