Copyright 1989.

The Patriots have found out that the leading candidate for major of Metro is secretly a member of the FLNA. So Luther Steel the FBI agent goes to Chicago to investigate. He finds out that the candidate is selling drugs to finance the FLNA and is also a pedophile. Meanwhile David Holden and Rosie Shepherd go undercover at a rich island development called Cedar Ridge Islands. The place is a front for the FLNA to smuggle terrorists into the country and set them up with phony IDs. This results in a confrontation with Dimitri Borsoi who is running the FLNA and him seeming to fall out of a helicopter over the ocean. Then they have to expose the mayoral candidate and ensue the elections happen in spite of FLNA attempts to stop them.

So in this book we get to see that the Patriots and the FBI are informally allied. Holden finally confronts the main baddy in Borsoi and it seems that he is killed. But he survives and at the end makes sure the winning mayoral candidate is killed by a suicide pilot crashing into this home. I enjoyed the introduction of a new character in Rocky Saddler a old Korean war vet and now private investigator. A real badass. A good book if not the greatest but the story is soon going into more exciting directions.

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