Copyright 2000.

The crew of Moya meet a Luxan trading ship with a passenger that wants to hire them to get him home. His home is the planet Liantac a Las Vegas type gambling planet. The job looks like easy money and allow them to get much needed supplies. The planet has a problem with particles in the atmosphere that only biological ships can enter. Something Moya could easily handle. Only Rygel decides to partake of the gambling and manages to gamble Moya away. Now the crew has to complete a number of challenging assignments to pay off Rygel’s debt. They soon find out that one of the leaders of the planet deliberately cheated Rygel and also plans to turn them over to the Peacekeepers. John Crichton and friends must find a way to free their ship and escape.

I really loved Farscape. It has to be in the top five of my all time favorite TV series. This book really reminded me of why I loved that show. DeCandido is obviously a fan. He lists a whole bunch of websites, books and people he consulted to get the technical aspects correct. I knew that after this he co-wrote the comic book series with the creator O’Bannon so he definitely knows his stuff. All the characters and situations just feel like the TV series. If you are a fan of the series than I highly recommend it.


  1. When I read your note ‘copyright 2000’ I was taken aback: Farscape always seems something more recent to me, but of course when I think about it, yeah, it dates pretty far back. I how crushed I was by the series cancellation, which to this day remains so unfair. This franchise could have been the next Star Wars; indeed, I find all the fuss about The Mandalorian quite amusing, as everyone raves about it being quality Star Wars on TV: Farscape did it first. I didn’t read any of the Farscape tie-in books, but I did enjoy some of the graphic novel spin-offs.

  2. rdfranciswriter

    I’ll even go back a bit more, since I am bit older: Battlestar Galactica: TOS. Reading this review takes me back to my reading all of the paperback novelizations from that universe during that series heyday.

    Now, I never enjoyed the books, but I did watch Farscape: The Series and thought it was very well done. It was far more engaging (for me) than the modern Star Trek series-spinoffs. And always Babylon 5 over Star Trek: DS9, for me.

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