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Franco ‘Big Frank’ Scarvetti has a problem. His psycho son has killed a made man from another family. Now he has to get his son out of Las Vegas to hide out. So he manages to acquire a radio station in Yuba City. Louis who is nicknamed Cry Baby and his crew go off to a small town to manage this station. Cry Baby runs the station as any type of Mafia operation. A combination of shaking down local businesses for ad revenue to stealing and sabotaging the competitor’s transmitters. Val one of the crew falls in love with the secretary of the station. It all comes to a violent end as the mob enforcer The Iceman comes and pretty much kills everyone.

I love David Robbins Endworld series and it’s spinoffs. So I figured I would try some of his other genres that he has done. This sounded interesting and I loved it. Cry Baby is a complete over the top nutcase psycho. His management style is somewhere along the lines of Genghis Khan. Every character has a distinct personality. His crew all have their own little nicknames based on their character. Pretty Boy because he loves to look at himself in the mirror. Switch because of an affinity for switchblades. Dill because he loves dill pickles. Wolfman because he is real hairy. Finally Val the real hero of this story. Nicknamed after Valentino because he is so popular with the ladies. We get a real nice little romance with him and Misty. All ends with a wild killing spree by the Iceman. A cold killer who will once a month break the neck of a puppy or kitten to keep his killing edge. Naturally Val and Misty are the only survivors and go on to live happily ever after.

If there is one complaint is that the author mentions at the beginning this takes place in 1985. Yet he has these anachronisms such as DVDs. The movies Men in Black, Schindler’s List and Seinfeld. Movies and shows made well past 1985. In fact there is nothing in the book that clearly dates this taking place in 1985. Not a big deal but if you want to set something in a historical time you should make it feel like that time period. Otherwise this was an enjoyable book with a unique and fast paced story.


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