Copyright 1999.

Centauri Prime has been bombed by member races of the Interstellar Alliance. Londo Mollari becomes emperor soon after this. Only he is a puppet of sinister forces. The Drakh, the servants of the Shadows seek revenge against the Alliance and in particular Sheridan. They blackmail Londo with the threat of detonating hidden fusion bombs that would kill millions. So he agrees to have a Keeper, a creature attached to him to monitor his every move. He is forced to appoint Durla as Minister of Security. Durla is a power hungry man who soon appoints his own lackeys into positions of power. He slowly starts to turn Centauri Prime into a police state. Vir Cotto his former aide and friend who is now ambassador on Babylon 5 starts an underground movement against the Drakh. Aided by the mysterious Techno-Mages he starts the path of finding out about the true threat.

A story never told when the series ended was Londo Mollari’s time as emperor. We were left with him having to be a puppet of the Drakh. We did get an ending of how he died and that Vir Cotto succeeded him as emperor. So this second trilogy is giving us the story of his reign. How Vir eventually did become emperor. Once again we are given a truly epic story filled with interesting fleshed out characters. Londo Mollari is a truly tragic figure. A man who isn’t evil but whose actions caused much death and suffering. Now he seeks redemption to save his people from that evil. A very good start to this trilogy.

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