Copyright 1997.

Captain Jeffrey Sinclair is relieved from duty as commander of Babylon 5 and assigned as the first Earth ambassador to the Minbari. The Minbari specifically requested him but Sinclair soon finds that he has no support from Earth. He does find that the Minbari and their Vorlon allies want him to take command of The Rangers. A legendary force from the past that defeated the Shadows. He learns that the Shadows are back and is to recruit Humans as well as Minbari for the revived Rangers. He runs into resistance from the Warrior Caste who oppose a mere Human leading the Rangers. Soon he manages to gather many recruits including a young Marcus Cole who lost his brother to the Shadows when they attacked the family mining operation. He also recruits Katherine Sakai his fiancee. His first test will be attacking a Shadow operation around Babylon 5 that could alter the course of history.

The final Dell book in the series is probably the best of the books so far. It was written by a woman who was a writer on the show from an outline by Straczynski the creator himself. The woman also happened to be his wife. It tells the story of Jeffrey Sinclair who was originally the captain of Babylon 5 in the first season. He would of course be appointed to Minbari as Earth’s first ambassador. He would train the Rangers and eventually go back in time and become Valen the mythical leader of the Minbari. We get to find out his story between these events from the show. Also a glimpse into Minbari society, culture and history. The author seamlessly integrates the story with events from the TV series. We also find out the origin of Marcus Cole and the fate of Katherine Sakai. It also shows that creator would get much more involved in the novels. When Del Ray takes over he outlined the stories for the three trilogies that would follow. If you are a fan of the series than you will love this book.

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