Copyright 1996.

The Narn-Centauri war has come to an end. The Tuchanq are a world that was conquered and brutally exploited by the Narn. With the Narn defeated the Tuchanq have overthrown their masters. Yet their world is hopelessly polluted by the Narn heavy industry and they need help from others. So a delegation departs for Babylon 5 to seek aid. Their arrival results in one of their delegation D’Arc going nuts and killing a human visitor. The alien is injured in the assault and loses her mental capacity. Effectively rendering her with the mind of child. Yet President Clark of the Earth Alliance pushes for her to get the death penalty. Soon Babylon 5 faces unrest from this decision as Captain Sheridan deals with the moral dilemma of following an immoral order.

So I guess it had to happen that a book would be written in this series I didn’t care for. The writer clearly is not a fan of the show. He probably got some material and maybe watched a few episodes but he clearly didn’t understand the characters. None of them seem like the characters in the series. Also he basically wrote a 279 page anti-capital punishment book. It was a very heavy handed and unrealistic look at that issue. Never a good thing when someone has an agenda instead of writing a good story. There is a sub-plot that involves G’Kar trying to assassinate Londo the Centauri ambassador but that seemed awkward too. The writer is an Englishman who has written some novelizations for British TV including Doctor Who. Otherwise his big accomplishments are being an award winning graphic designer and musician. Hopefully he didn’t quit his day job because I didn’t care for his writing. This was the first and only book in the Babylon 5 series by Mortimore.


  1. rdfranciswriter

    I read the first three and stopped . . . for no particular reason. I loved reading the Battlestar Galactica ’80s books. And those three Han Solo books from Alan Dean Foster. Those were multiple reads.

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