Copyright 1995.

Ambassador G’Kar gets a message from the daughter of Du’Rog. Mi’Ra has declared a Shon Kar or blood oath against G’Kar’s. Seems G’Kar framed Du’Rog as a traitor so he could gain a coveted position with the Third Circle. G’Kar decides to frame his own death in a shuttle explosion so he can return to the Narn Homeworld and set things right. Susan Ivanova and Michael Garibaldi are assigned as the Earth’s representatives for the funeral. They find a harsh world filled with extreme class differences. With his aid Na’Toth the four must navigate Narn society to make amends to the wronged Du’rog family without falling victim to the Shon Kar.

This is the second and last book in this series written by John Vornholt. Like his first one this was an interesting story that explored a world outside Babylon 5. In this case the Narn. A race that are very stratified by class and still mired in old blood feuds. I always enjoy when books based on TV series go outside the limits of the series and this one does. Our two humans are given another human who lived on the world as their guide which helps the reader explore this world. This book gives an excellent insight into G’Kar and Narn society. A well written book with plenty of action and a satisfying ending. Something I can’t say for all the books in this series.


  1. Babylon 5 was on prime last year and I tried watching it, on a suggestion from another huge fan who is a blogger I follow. I couldn’t get past the dated scenery, etc. I take it you are a big fan of the series too. Should I dive in and try again?

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