Copyright 1985.

Susan Ivanova gets a message from her old colleague to meet with her. The guy doesn’t show but is later found dead. The man Ortega was also wanted by Earthforce for connection to a Mars separatist organization. A ruthless Earthforce investigator comes and accuses her of being in league with him. Now under suspicion Ivanova must clear her name. Her investigation leads to a link with pirates that are getting inside information on shipments of a valuable element. It soon becomes apparent that corrupt officials in Earthforce are part of this conspiracy. Now she must expose this conspiracy to save her career and the lives of herself and her colleagues.

The second book in the series is another very well done story. It was focused mainly on the character of Susan Ivanova but had plenty of time also with Garibaldi and Sheridan. A fun little mystery story. At first I thought that it was too soon for another story of a character wrongly accused and going on the run. But it was a completely different story from the first book. I thought the author had a strong grasp of the characters and this read like a good episode of the series. This was Tilton’s first and only Babylon novel. I think she did a good job and would have liked to see more of her.

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