Copyright 1995.

Psi Corps is having it’s annual convention. The site on Mars that was scheduled had to be cancelled after a terrorist attack. The next choice is Babylon 5. Only the terrorists follow them and another bomb goes off. All the evidence points to the resident telepath Talia Winters as the main suspect. So now Talia goes on the run to Earth. Hunted by the Psi Cops and Garibaldi the chase takes her to Earth and Mars. She soon finds out she is in the middle of a conspiracy by a private telepathy firm to take over the Psi Corps. Can she prove her innocence before she is killed by Bester and the ruthless Psi Cops.

I loved this series back in the nineties. So naturally I decided to check out the books being put out. This first one was an enjoyable read. Focusing on the character of Talia Winters and set in the second season. What I like about the books of TV series is you can explore more than the budget would allow on the TV show. So in this instance we get a look at Earth and Mars. Not to mention the Psi Corps. Vornholt did a good job of creating a mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. He has the characters down and clearly watched the series. This was the first of two he did for the series and both books were quite good.

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