Copyright 1987.

The C.A.D.S. have successfully destroyed the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and now have to escape the Soviets. The group has split up and Colonel Dean Sturgis with Billy Dixon are together. They run into a Soviet patrol and get captured in Colonial Williamsburg. They are taken to the super sub Lenin to get tortured and interrogated. They mainly concentrate on Dixon to break Sturgis. Dixon gets his fingers broken and sodomized by the KGB torturer. Well the two are rescued by their teammates as the sub docks in Norfolk. They make it to a Revengers base in North Carolina. There Sturgis meets one of his flings and finds out she is pregnant. She also is now not just a hillbilly but a crystal healing specialist. The resistance has discovered the power of crystal healing. Something that comes in handy.

For when they reach their base in the Okefenokee swamp they find a disease ravaging the place. Sturgis’s girlfriend Dieter dies of it before they can use the crystals. Well after that they get new equipment to upgrade their suits to use any captured ammo since they are running out of their own. Then they have another mission. Pinky Ellis the corrupt owner of the Exrell Corporation is going to sell the Soviets a powerful new tank. The Bandersnatch is a hover tank with a laser cannon. He also has technical data on the C.A.D.S. suits. He is going to meet the Russians in New Orleans. So the gang goes there and first has to fight off the crazies from the insane asylum they met up with in the first book. Carl the King and his kooks now control Biloxi and cause some minor damage. Then they reach New Orleans and fight Pinky and his mercenaries. Luckily Pinky was ripping off the Pentagon for billions and his tank doesn’t work too well. Pinky ends up buried in an ant hill in the swamp by Dixon.

So this book has most of the trademarks you find in a Syvertson book. He really had something about that mumbo-jumbo new age crystal healing bullshit. There is also plenty of sex that Sturgis gets. First the sexpot hillbilly girl who has become a crystal expert. She tells him that due to the war those men that are healthy must forgo monogamy and sleep with many women for the sake of the human race. Well that doesn’t seem to be something Sturgis has a problem with. In addition to this girl he does lose his main girlfriend back on Sanctuary Island Dieter but manages to get a replacement in Gloria real easy. Than there is Dr. Sheila Decamp the tough doctor who has fallen madly in love with Sturgis. In New Orleans before the battle they have a little romp which Sturgis somewhat regrets. For Decamp than gets a little too clingy and wants to make a big thing about it while Sturgis wanted just a quickie. Yet this doesn’t stop him from sleeping with her many times later on. I guess when your a superstud you just can’t help yourself. All this time between banging women he continues to find time to lament about his one true love Robin who is still out there.

Syvertson brings back some of the villains for past books. Namely the insane Carl the King and his goofy escaped inmates. I thought they were dead but apparently are still causing trouble and survive to continue in the future. Then there is the fat Pinky Ellis who is still his loathsome self. Billy Dixon who had some trauma from his corncobbing by the KGB has issues with impotence and acting like a dick. Yet a good talking to by Sturgis helps him come to terms. Apparently burying Pinky up to his neck in an anthill is the therapy he needs.

Another wonderful entry in a kooky series.

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