Copyright 1986.

Col. Dean Sturgis has taken off to find his wife in post-nuke Georgia. He does find out she is still on the move and has just missed her. Unfortunately he is ambushed by some biker scum that are collaborating with the Soviet invaders. The leader was the loathsome guy from the first book that prevented Sturgis from reuniting with his wife the first time. Strugis manages to wipe them out except the leader who I’m sure will appear in a future book. He also loses his C.A.D.S. suit and must go on without it.

So he decides to head back to the secret base in the Okefenokee but falls into a pit of quicksand. Fortunately for him a kindly old man named Boss Peppercorn comes along in a motorized wheelchair with machineguns. He saves him and after being convinced Sturgis isn’t a Soviet agent takes him to his home. A nice comfortable place in the devastation of the world. Although apparently he can’t keep the snakes out which doesn’t bother him. (It would bother me.) Gives Dean a baloney sandwich then the two head out to find his secret base. They have no trouble thanks to the Scotsman of the unit who has to play his bagpipes.

So no sooner than he gets back does he receive his first mission. The C.A.D.S. must destroy the Fidel Castro Brigade which has established themselves at Epcot. Along the way they meet up with the local resistance and team up to wipe out the Cubans and a Soviet helicopter reaction force. After this they must than head north to destroy the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. The Soviets are repairing it for their forces in Maryland to go south and than spread out all over America. They manages to destroy this bridge in an action packed sequence that has them fighting tanks, helicopters, fighter bombers and the Greysuit’s of General Petrin.

So we now establish the C.A.D.S. in their own base for raids against the invading Soviets. Thankfully the women that they freed from the swamprats from the last book are their to help out. This gives the men female companionship. Sturgis himself hooks up with the leader Dieter while still lamenting that his one true love Robin is still out there. Still the guy has needs. Boss Peppercorn is another of the standard troupe of goofy characters that you find in a Syvertson book. This is also the second time this year I have read about Epcot being used by an invading force after the apocalypse. Never been there but maybe it is perfect for a base. Anyway there is something about Disney always being used in these post-apocalypse books by the baddies.

Also not really sure about the whole strategy of the Soviets that makes sense. Seems it would be easier to land the troops at Norfolk which they control than bother with fixing the bridge. What do I know. It managed to set the stage for another exciting book filled with action, crusty old men in machinegun equipped wheelchairs, decadent and evil commies. Not to mention the various sex with the hot women. All made this as enjoyable as when I read it as a teen back those many years.

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